What to bring to your engagement session?

Now that you know why an engagement session may be important to you, possible Charlotte, NC engagement session locations (that will be both meaningful and beautiful) as well as how the right clothing can pull it all together— lets chat on the day of your session and WHAT TO BRING AND WHAT TO LEAVE AT HOME:

Since the REAL purpose of an engagement session is to celebrate and connect with each other.  So, let’s first chat about what to leave behind: 

We tell all of our clients to  leave personal items that won’t be in the photos in the trunk of their car or at home…including:   your pocketbook, sunglasses, coats, phones and other items. (let’s just say a misplaced phone in a pocket—isn’t doing anyone any favors). 

You will most likely be on move during your session, and carrying items can be a hindrance to connection at best—or lost and left behind at worst.  **Remember time is limited and you do not want to spend any of it fetching/setting down/picking back up items we don’t need on our shoot.


So, since our studio loves pets, and say yes! to incorporating your pet in your session like we did with our clients here, and here

dog engagement photo
one dog..or two?

-Fur babies are always a treat to photograph! However, if you bring them-we recommend having someone meet you after the first 20-30 minutes of your session to pick them up.   Most likely, you will not want 100% of your photographs with your pet—leaving them to have to be handed off or sometimes, be a distraction to the twowo of you just simply connecting.

  After years of engagement sessions—we have learned it is easier on everyone (including your pet) to not have your pet stay for the whole session    


While some photographers believe props are great and can add some fun to your session–we are more believers in the notion the two of your together—is enough. (unless of course your fur baby wants to pop in for a few photographs. See Above. ) props can be a lot to handle.   And, through in a styled magazine shoot can add drama—in our opinion—without real context or meaning, things like parasols, signs, balloons…detract from your photographs.   (However, If you do plan to bring props, bring small things that can be used and put away easily. )

engagement sesión with dogs
Okay–so props DID work for these two as they were getting married in Mexico and wanted a fun and quirky save-the-date;-)

Personally—unless a fully styled/editorial shoot or the item is just incredibly meaningful to you…we say:  leave props at home (unless they have great significance ) and simply have your session focused squarely on the two of you.

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