Do I even need an engagement session?

Today we answer the biggest questions since the one in which you replied ‘yes!’  😆

Do I need an engagement photography session at all? AND How to get my soon-be-spouse excited,  if so.

ANSWER:  We believe engagement sessions can be just valuable as your wedding photography experience and should be celebrated as a completely independently—not simply another ‘to do’ to rush through on your wedding list.  Your session should be unique to who you are as couple and much more than ‘pretty’-highlighting the ‘every day magic’ of your connection and story, independent from the wedding day.  

lake norman engagement photographer

There should be one goal if you elect to do an engagement session: to create an experience that allows meaningful moments to transpire, and in turn result in photographs that you will treasure forever. Are you down with that?  Great…BUT —is your fiancé?  

Not everyone looks forward to the engagement session with giddy anticipation. (Words ‘dread’ ‘dislike’ and ‘avoidance’ come to mind for many men [and some women too.:)  when considering being in front of the camera for an hour or so.) 

This guy: was totally excited:-)

At our studio, we spend considerable amounts of time getting to know our couples through a series of short phone calls, what makes them great together and the things and people they adore—in our view, your photographer should design your session around who you really are—not the imaginary couple you saw embracing in The Knot magazine;-) So please — reassure your guy (or gal) this will be just as much fun for them as it will be for you. A talented photographer will make the session feel pain-free, and authentic-not-awkward. (and if they are like us—and meet you at their studio prior— there may or may not be a craft beer/glass of wine involved).  

CLIFF NOTES:–  Yes,! engagement sessions are a worthwhile invest of your time and dollars if you intend to use it as a time to celebrate the two of you as couple—not just a check list item.  (Because ain’t nobody got time for more of those during wedding planning.)  –  Get your fiancé  on board by ensuring them the right photographer will get to know you and will NOT stick you in prom pose. 

Next up:  Choosing your Charlotte Engagement Photography location!  (complete with a Pinterest board of amazing locations.) 


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