What to wear for your engagement session

What to wear for your engagement session


Though your story/your personalities/your connection is what we focus on during our engagement session planning. We have also learned after a decade of photographing—clothing that you feel yourself in, that you love, and feel comfortable to move/connect with your spouse-to-be in…matters too. 

The most important things to keep in mind are to choose outfits that make you feel like your favorite version of you, that you feel are gorgeous, and to choose outfits that fit impeccably well and are comfortable.  But—don’t be afraid to Dress to impress…yourself! 

A few tips:

1.) Layers, texture and accessories can add to the look and create depth in your outfits. 2.) If you love jeans-wear jeans.  But two people in jeans…may look like you are on the way to a rodeo. 

Engagement session styling includes: layers, texture..and cute boots;-)

3.) Avoid large company logos if you would like you photos to remain timeless

4.)   Our best advice is to have a similar color palette—BUT DO NOT get all matchy-matchy;-)   Bolds, bright and patterns can all work and can add a ton of your personality to your attire—we just recommend 1-2 bold choices at a time. 

5.)   Reminder: if your clothes are wrinkled when you arrive:  they will be wrinkled in the photographs. 😉 Selecting fabrics that can travel well or are pressed prior help the cause.

  6.)   Don’t stress on lugging your full wardrobe. Most clients select one outfit they love and bring a second along just I case.  (Truth: most only end up wearing one as they start to have so much fun they forget all about ‘costume changes.’ 

7.)   If you are looking to wear something a little ‘special’ for the occasion—consider rental services like Dressed (a locally owned business here in Charlotte) or national companies like Rent-the Runway. These companies allow you to wear something you love while being mindful of budget.

 8.) For the ladies:  if it fits your style: flowy dresses with gauzy fabric add a certain level of magic with just the tiniest bit of movement or wind.  

flow dress best for engagement photos
flowy dresses for the win!

9.)  For the gents:  don’t stress man—we got you.  Just between us—clothing really is the icing on the cake and shouldn’t cause stress in the planning process.  BUT—we cant deny we have had one-too-many- dudes show up in flip flops and shorts. And kinda’ wish they didn’t at the reveal.  That said—you do you, friend. If you would never wear a fitted suit-don’t. But perhaps leave the baseball hat at home.   

10.)   We have created a Pinterest board that may help with your styling needs.  You may also contact us should you wish to work with a stylist or to simply send us a few snapshots if you need a little feedback. : HTTPS:// WWW.PINTEREST.COM/CASSBRADLEYNC/ CHARLOTTE-ENGAGEMENT-SESSION-STYLING/  

BlueSky Photo Artists Engagement Session Styling Board


It’s important that you and your fiancé come to your session looking and feeling your best.  (aka:  let’s not stress over this;-) We promise—it can be an awesome day to celebrate and connect.)  

  • Get a trim before your session…but not too close.·      
  • If you color your hair, make sure it’s freshly done.·     
  • Guys–shave or trim his beard beforehand. (Nose and ear cleanup is also a good idea.  Also, the back of the neck is a great place for a touchup for guys before the session if these sorts of things will bother you later.) ·      
  • Consider brow waxing and a mani-pedi (for both of you!)
  • 🔥Think about scheduling a dinner date after your session to keep the celebrating going.🔥

Your engagement session can be a great excuse to get pampered, too. We fully believe in the magic of professional hair and makeup styling for you to feel like a amazing and cared for.  If you need a referral for a great hair and makeup artist, please check out my sister company, Charlotte Wedding Bosses at www.charlotteweddingbosses. com for a full list of hair and makeup artists at the top of their field and that will also ensure you arrive to your session on time. 

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