Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photos (Foundation for the Carolinas)

Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photos  (Foundation for the Carolinas)
One my my favorite views of the city is from the rooftop of Foundation for the Carolinas. (if you are unfamiliar, FFTC has a gorgeous event space called 200 N. Tryon and boasts an art gallery (complete with  urban sculpture garden)  and several places to step out and peep some of the finest views of the city.  About 25%  of my wedding clients elected to have their wedding at this gorgeous and glamorous space last year.)
So when Sarah and Van mentioned they loved the space (And, that it holds great  meaning for them as the aforementioned Rodgers Sculpture Gardens was named in honor of Sarah’s grandfather,  B.D. Rodgers.)   I was all in.
We chose a time about an hour before sunset so we could capture some pretty daylight…but also a sunset if good fortune would allow.  (#moodyismyfavoritecolor)  We started out on the terrane/sculpture garden then made our way down to the (very)  busy streets and ended back up on the roof for a gotham-style dramatic sunset.  (Sidebar:  I am pretty certain Van’s favorite part of the session was watching me nearly get taken out by a city bus. I kid, I kid Van..but your smile was in fact HUGE. 😉
Sarah and Van  describe themselves as ‘kind, laid-back and easy-going.’   (Ill concur)   They met at a Pather’s game via mutual friends and were attracted to each others desire to explore the world around them and mutual willingness to try new things.  (aka..my kind of people:-)
After 2 years of dating, Van proposed to Sarah on vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Where he  surprised her at the foot of the castle at sunset.  …so ending our engagement session with a crazy bold sunset only seems appropriate . 😉
Sarah and Van–5 months until the big.  To say I we are excited for your Charlotte City Club wedding is an understatement.
winter uptown charlotte engagement foundation-for-the-carolinas-engagement-sarah-and-van-by-cass-bradley-8rooftop 220 north tryon
rooftop engagement picture
rooftop engagement groom kissing brides head
foundation-for-the-carolinas-engagement-sarah-and-van-by-cass-bradley-29foundation-for-the-carolinas-engagement-sarah-and-van-by-cass-bradley-33bride and groom crossing street

bride in fur on rooftopbride in fur coat charlotte engagement session uptown


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