Charlotte Halloween Engagement Party: Caitlin & David

Charlotte Halloween Engagement Party: Caitlin & David
They had me at … ‘skeleton bride and groom.’ ¬†ūüėČ
Caitlin and David live in my (fabulous) neighborhood of Plaza Midwood. ¬†So a short walk down Belvedere allowed me to join in the fun provided by the “Winter Street Crew” to celebrate their recent engagement…in all-out costumes. ¬† Which included, a couple as the twins from The Shining (no, not creepy AT ALL) , Bob Ross, Cruella Deville, (Several) ¬†Austin Powers, The Kool-Aid man and and an entire family as Popeye, Olive Oyl and baby, Sweet Pea. ¬†(If I were the kind of girl to say ‘totes adorbs’..Id say it here.)
The street was barricaded and filled with games like corn hole and hula hoops– set for play. ¬†Market lights adorned the street and a DJ spun tunes while BBQ was served. ¬† (Paired with Halloween Mules and what appeared to be an ‘eye-ball-filled’ liquor concoction I was not brave enough to sample.)
Congratulations Caitlin and David and think you for allowing me to share in the fun!
Happy Halloween All!  (**Full gallery of all of the amazing costumes at the end of the post.)
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** FULL GALLERY of images here


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