B. Wed! Cassandra & Brian's Cabarete, Dominican Republic Wedding (Charlotte Wedding Photographer Weds in Domincan Republic)

I guess it is only fitting I have chosen to blog about OUR wedding today and it is pouring down rain.  (much like our on our first date and our wedding weekend.)
I know these images are a tad delayed and unlike the ‘cobblers son who had no shoes’–this wedding photographer has had her images in hand for quite some of time.  Yet–not even family has seen them.  (I know…I know!)  But as we begin to slow from shooting season and segue into ‘booking’ season…its about time a take a step back and share our memories not only with those who were there to share in our day; but with friends and family  who could not make the journey and also with those whose day we have shared in ourselves.
Its funny–the ‘right’ words for describing weddings days of those who honor us by selecting us to document theirs has always come fairly easy for me. However, not-so-much when it comes to sharing the culmination of Brian and my 7 years of dating, wedding planning,  and the first time our families had met to celebrate with us.
From torrential rain that ‘blessed’ both our rehearsal dinner and our wedding days, our 100% Spanish-spoken Civil Ceremony, my eyes swelling closed after a make-up reaction just before our ‘first look’,  our flower girl forgetting to drop petals from her basket down the aisle and dumping its content at the top, us dancing night away–though neither of us dance..  It was gorgeous and imperfectly-perfect.
And like most weddings–it was a blur.
My Highlights reel:-)
– Our First Look.  We met cliff-side and exchanged notes on ’10 things we wanted to do to keep our marriage healthy’  It was still sunny and gorgeous, a soft breeze, crashing waves…and just us.
– Our Ceremony–going to be honest. I have seen some beautiful ceremonies..lots of them. But ours was the best:-)   Our dear friend Adam became ordained to be able to perform our ceremony (we put together ourselves) with some special additions from him.  And though it began to pour–he kept on task and this is one of the best parts our day. It was personal, real and not all ‘flowery’–just our style.
–The Rain-as I hit the aisle drops fell.  By our vows–it was torrential. (and guess who carries 12 pretty umbrellas in her car at most times yet did not think to have any for her own wedding??)  The post-ceremony, mad-dash of 38 people dressed in shades of white=priceless.
– My bouquet and necklace--not only were they pretty but both were made custom for me by two lovely friends and incorporated personal touches..  Kristen Morris designed my necklace around an antique broach we chose together and Karisa Pennell designed my bouquet and  incorporated pieces of jewelry from both of our mothers and grandmothers.  Both very personal to me.
-Both of my parents walking me down the aisle.  And, Brian’s mom walked him down too.  –You knew I would not be 100% traditional, right?  (says the girl who thought she would wear a blue dress..and wore white:-)
– Our first dance--my sister can sing.  And so she did.  A remixed/prettified version of John Legends-Stay.  (I should get her to record it.)
Our gorgeous and disproportionately large wedding cake for 38 guests.  (My MIL insisted on a traditional fig filling/meringue topped cake–and it was AMAZINGLY delicious. I would pay big bucks for  a slice right now…especially if it has that crème anglais sauce. I digress.) I am still searching for someone who can make it locally.
-We had a cigar roller.  My friend Catherine smoked about five. Which makes me laugh as she is one of my few ‘prim and proper’ Southern friends. lol.
Our HORRIBLY bad dancing all.night.long.  Specifically, my friend Courtney dancing to Beyonce’ (you know the song) 3X’s –with full dance routine.  And do let me get started about 2 of the guys doing the worm.  (see below)
–  Brian’s toast–not sure when that boy whipped that bad boy up I don;t know but he tied in the rain, our story,  and it was pretty darned good.:-)
– Having our friends and immediate fam make the long trip to be there.  (38 people is actually pretty huge for a destination wedding. lol)
Ending the night exhausted, sitting on the ground with a cocktail in hand with our closest peeps still gathered around and letting it all settle in…   (and as nerdy photographers would do. we set up soft box out by the pool to get some of the ‘late night’ shots below.  lol. (and no–Stephen is not really naked!)
Sincethis is already ‘world’s longest blog post’ s– I will keep the 100’s of other beautiful/’interesting’/happy and  downright hilarious moments to myself and just say it really was an incredible adventure and Brian and I were honored to have those who made the trip along to ‘legally’ watch us enter  into “mutual weirdness” and  honored to share our day here with the rest of you.

The Awesome Vendor’s that made it all possible:
Planners:  Alicia LaLone, Wedding Row Charlotte (she only plans for those she loves:-) and TAIRIS FERMIN & ASOCS  Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic
Design, Florals  and rentals:  Joel Almonte Disenos  Santiago, Dominican Republic
Venue: Private Villa in Seahorse Ranch (Cabarete, Dominican Republic)
Dress:  Enzoani (Casablanca/Private Seller) with customization by Classic Bride and Formals
Suit: Banana Republic
Jewelry- Custom Statement Necklace:  Kristin Hayes Jewelry
Textile/Brooch Bouquet: Nectar
Photography-Trevor Dayley and BlueSky Studios


  1. holly crawford says:

    gorgeous photos!!!!!!!!! (and makes me want to hop on the next plane!)

  2. Mary says:

    these are amazing!

  3. Katy Cook says:

    LOVE THE GUITAR PIC! Everything looks beautiful. Wishing I could do it all over….

  4. Courtney says:

    Ah, brought a smile to my face. What a great memory. The pics captured it perfectly! Beautiful. Ps, our dancing is kick-ass fantastic!!!!

  5. BEAUTIFUL photographs!! You look amazing!!

  6. elizabeth resek says:


  7. Jessica says:

    You are totally right about your ceremony location being the best ever!!! I am in love with your pictures! I am actually looking to have my destination wedding at the Sea Horse ranch this winter; however, we will be staying in a different villa. Was the ceremony spot specific to the villa you stayed in or was it available for everyone staying at Sea Horse Ranch? Congrats 🙂

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