Fun. Fearless. Fabulous. (A BlueSky 'contest' for you bada– babes!)

Today I had every intention:
– to get up early
– to do yoga
-to go the bank
…all by 10Am.
Instead–I ‘accidentally’ escaped down a magic rabbit hole ‘Alice in Wonderland style’: (Writer’s note:  **there are no accidents:-)
– I slept in (until almost 8! )
– I opened Pinterest and ran across an  old ‘pin’ of a friends blog
– I caught up on her (amazing) posts and felt a bit inspired.
– I hopped on Facebook…I ran across a post by another friend that went like this:

“There is nothing better than smart, beautiful, independent women. Seriously, whenever I talk with them, they breathe a total wind of happiness and courage into me. Cheers to the go-getters, the artists, the leaders, teachers, students and all around confident women I know. Thanks for being inspiring and for being that reminder that we truly can achieve whatever we put our minds, hearts and hard work into.” 

-again-I felt inspired.
So instead of yoga and the bank -I slowly shipped coffee in my pjs, snuggled with my mutts and got to thinking about some of the fun/fearless/fabulous women I know in my life.
A doctor (with a son battling cancer) an attorney (who has  lost her job and considering a new career path that makes her heart sing) a highly paid medical device diva (who quite her job and traveled the world for 6 months)  –they are entrepreneurs, they teachers, they are moms and they all have something in common these friends of mine–they are AMAZING!  I am honored everyday to know them.
How about you?  Know a bad-ass babe?  (or are one..) In February–in honor of my badass babes; BlueSky will be offering a complimentary boudoir/glam sessions ($400 value)  to 10 babes.  (think old Hollywood and less MAXIM mag lol.)  Sexy, sophisticated.  Tastefully Racy.
Drop us an email with a few words as to why you (or a friend) are fun, fearless and fab…it can be one line. but make it good and prepare to unleash your inner  and outer  awesome.


  1. Stephanie Huxter says:

    My friend Jennifer is a bada babe! She is the most selfless person I know. She takes being a wife, mother, and friend to a whole new level. Not only does she cherish her close relationships, but she even goes above and beyond for strangers. Her presence radiates the peace and love of Jesus. She is an amazing woman, and I am so grateful to have her in my life!

  2. […] they really are.  (We started our Noir session last year  (a few examples here, here and here) and quietly went about creating the first in series of Vogue magazine cover-inspired sessions and […]

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