BlueSky Introduces our new Lead Photographer! (and ends annoyingly vague fabebook posts:-)

With all of our recent growth at BlueSky (combined with expansion into a new subset of the wedding industry.  To be announced soon as well…) it was time to have someone I could count on as a true partner. (and put an end to the annoying vague  facebook posts:-)
After over a year of searching  (including many  interviews and ‘trial runs with others) followed by months of shooting together to determine if we were not only a ‘style’ and personality fit–  but could flawlessly execute a wedding as a team. (and thrill our couples with the results. )
BlueSky proudly and excitedly introduces (or, ‘re-acquaints’ in many cases)  you to BlueSky’s newest Lead Photographer, George!

 (image ‘stolen’ from his Facebook page. And, yes…he is with Vanessa Minillo (Lachey) . lol)
A bit about George:

  • George comes to BlueSky with over a decade of wedding photography experience after successfully running his own studio here in Charlotte
  • His work has been published countless times on blogs/websites/magazines,  including, Weddings Unveiled and Carolina Bride (including a recent cover)

But more importantly, Why George?: (aside from being photographically talented, naturally.)

  • His attention to detail borders on obsessive. (in a good way)   He is amazing with ‘dress fluffing and styling’,  stray hair noticing and overall details that make or break images.
  • He LOVES weddings.  I don’t just mean photographing them.  He gets to know the entire bridal party and family and after a decade…has not grown tired of it.  …and, he loves capturing ‘moments’ as much as I do.
  • He gets my Starbucks order right.  (I mean seriously—he brought me a ‘3-pump, vanilla latte, extra hot’ this week!  …again…attention to detail!)
  • He knows everyone and I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t say ‘he is such a nice guy.’
  • During our last destination wedding, he went shopping with me to find 1.) new wedge shoes and 2.) a little black jacket and not only tolerated it…but seemed to enjoy it. (AKA..he has patience.)
  • He is warm, genuine and honest.   The couples we have ‘secretly’ photographed together over these past months have adored George. (it sorta made me a little jealous how much they love him…..not gonna lie.:-)

All that said–we are simply beyond excited to have him join the team and cannot wait to see what the future holds!  (In the meantime—check out a few of George’s images he captured during our last few weddings together.)





  1. awesome! totally agree with “he’s such a nice guy”. geoff and I love that george. congratulations on the growth!

  2. Beth Salzberg Johns says:

    Beautiful pictures..beautiful day…thank you George for being part of our special day.

  3. Grace Lynch says:

    I love George. Plain and simple. I met George when he photographed my wedding in 2006, and he’s continued to photograph my family through the years. Great guy, great photographer, you are lucky to have him!!! 🙂

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