Our favorite type of emails – Raving review notifications from google.

I was so excited when I found out Sarah wanted to do a boudoir session. She’s so stunning, powerful and really owns her space – so working with her was a dream.

Although, I know we all have insecurities and everyone feels a little nervous leading up to a session like this. It doesn’t and yet still does surprise me to read her review and how she felt nervous leading up to her session. She totally rocked it as you can see!

I’m in tears as I type this with such gratitude. Gratitude that Sarah and so many others trust me with this experience. Boudoir is WAY more than sexy photos. It truly is an opportunity to see yourself in a new light. To love yourself more. To know that you too are beautiful, powerful and amazing. Wherever you are in your journey: exuding confidence or trembling in fear, at your “goal weight” or wishing you were another way… I promise you – you can do this… and I would love to meet you, wherever YOU ARE NOW.


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