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When I first asked Akasha to write about her boudoir experience with us, she quickly responded with “YES”! Her story is so relatable and remarkable just like her. Here’s her story:

“Let’s go ahead and get vulnerable. Like many women I know I have struggled with body image, negative self talk, and low self esteem. This stemmed from what I was seeing/ hearing and modeled on a small scale at home as well as on a social level in the world outside of home be it school, media and beyond. This by far is the larger part of my struggle. The messages we are sent by the world around us as women regarding our appearance are unending. I won’t unpack all those issues here but they are abundant and multifaceted and really get me worked up! 

In my late 20s I started to appreciate my body and all it has accomplished rather than the way that I looked or wanted to look. I realized that it is a vessel that has carried this kind compassionate and loving soul inside. It’s helped me move through life fully able and with access to all parts of it that I regularly forget to express gratitude for. 

I get in ruts and compare myself to others or past versions of myself that I should have appreciated. All of that aside I am most proud of it for growing three incredible human beings and delivering them safely into this world. 

I vowed to model confidence and strength and love for myself and my body for my children and just by doing this out loud it has helped me even if I was faking it. I still struggle at times but the amount of concern I put on my appearance has finally shifted. I now take time to care for my body for different reasons and the result fosters more love and appreciation for it. 

Elly has really solidified all of this by encouraging women to not let any of the stories we tell about ourselves/ our bodies get in the way of celebrating our vessel. And that these images we compare ourselves to can also be us! So many of the women celebrities and models we see images of are after hours of pampering and unlimited resources. They have beautiful clothing, professional makeup and hair, a professional photographer and post work as well. I don’t mean to say we have to spend a ton of money to achieve this but comparing ourselves to this level of glam on an ordinary day for us is unrealistic. 

Leading up to my session and looking at examples I was feeling nervous and had been very out of touch with feeling sexy (being postpartum certainly challenges that). She reminds us that there is no perfect time or shape that we are exactly as we should be. I invested in some cute lingerie for my current size, some affordable clip in hair extensions, pressed on nails, and did my own hair and make up. Days leading up to the session I ate well, hydrated well and tried to pamper myself in small affordable ways. This really helped me feel more confident going into the session. And reminded me that those things are helpful for my overall wellness and that I may have been slacking. Elly did all the rest! 

Elly gets right into the details. She highlights the parts you love about yourself and the parts you’re not as excited about are no longer even on your mind. Elly’s composure, professionalism, and kindness made the experience safe and a lot of fun. She has such a skilled eye for lighting and posing and pays attention to detail. It’s amazing to know that all of that is covered so you can fall into a pose and know she gets the best possible shot. Somehow she can do all of this and create amazing tasteful and artistic compositions.

Gifting a boudoir session to my partner was a cover for gifting it to myself. I think that having these photos of myself has changed my view since. I may not always look like that or take the time to pamper myself in those ways but the confidence boost I got from both the experience and the photos has not faded in the slightest. I worry less about how I leave the house and what others think because of the shocking confidence boost in my appearance. I may be looking like a bum at that moment but feeling radiant. Not only am I loving my vessel for all that it gives me but I am beginning to see things in myself that my partner and loved ones have always tried to help me notice. 

I have so much gratitude for you Elly. You have captured me and my family through all the seasons and it means so much to me to have these memories and moments encapsulated and our little story being told through your beautiful work. I am confident that my future little old lady self is going to look back at these and have a swing in her hips and glimmer in her eye feeling all the years of love for her vessel compounded.”


BTW Akasha is a phenomenal tattoo artist. I’d never consider anyone else and not just because I consider her she’s an amazing person and friend – she’s extremely talented. Her attention to detail and contrast is perfect. Check her out HERE.


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