VanLandingham Estate Bridal Session: Meet Jess (Why you should do a bridal portrait session)

I have a love/hate relationship with bridal portraits.  Well–let me rephrase that…when I used to think of bridal portraits I avoided them like the plague.  Recalling images of forced smiles, hands tightly gripping bouquets or painfully frozen images of brides hands placed on grand pianos–prominently displayed life-sized at receptions.  This just did not suit me as a person…nor as a photographer.
However, as we began to build our business and attract vibrant, life-loving and fearless clients. we adore..I offered a few sessions as a gift to just ‘go out and have some fun.’  (as in–photographing them in a relaxed/fun and fashionable style…on my own terms since I was not charging a fee.)
And since then–I have fallen in love with bridals and encourage every bride to consider a bridal session!  Here’s why:
In addition to the opportunity for our lovely brides to have all of the pieces of their look come together pre-wedding (think hair/makeup/dress accessories) and have the chance to to get comfortable in wearing miles of chiffon or or confidentially walking in a mermaid style…she gets to walk away with an amazing documentation of how she looked in her wedding dress.
A few other added benefits of a bridal session and why brides should consider one:
-Brides get to ‘tweak’ things they may see prior to 1000’s of images being taken on the big day. (it is actually not uncommon for brides to request more/less makeup to be added, hair style to be changed or a dresses to receive a bit of extra alteration after a session.)
– Leaning to walk/sit and twirl in your dress before the big day makes for more comfort and confidence on the wedding day. (and its then reflected in the day-of images.  Trust me on this ones! (says the girl who wore a fit and flare and realized  just how challenging it was to sit in it:-)
–  Brides also have the chance to ensure they have a bang-up image in their dress with no wedding day ‘stressors.’  (we always try and grab at least a few images of ‘just the bride’  on the wedding day. However, in many cases–if schedules run behind, rooms are filed with the typical ‘wedding day clutter’  or the bride cannot step outside as to not be seen by guests (or her future-hubby is she elects not to do a ‘first look)’…it is not always possible to accomplish what we can in an hour or 2 of uninterrupted image taking.
– Brides walk away with a fashion-inspired image of themselves in their dress.  (I was the girl who could not for the life of me understand why someone would want a large image of themselves, alone in the wedding dress..I get it now.  Its not so much the image (though I promise–having an image that can hold a candle to a fashion spread of yourself to exist for generations…is pretty bada@@)   However, the EXPERIENCE of getting glammed with no wedding day ‘nerves’, feeling confident in front of the lens and seeing just. how. amazing you really look…is priceless –and confidence building.
Want to see what I mean?  Meet Jess!
We took Jess out to the gorgeous VanLandingham Estate as it served as the perfect backdrop for  her classic beauty–creamy skin, chocolate hair and gorgeous brown ‘doe’ eyes.  We really wanted her images to reflect her timeless beauty as well as a bit of a ‘fashion’ feel.
I adore how they turned out and they could not be more ‘Jess.’  (and can’t wait to see her future grandchildren find one of these and think what a hottie their grandma was in her wedding dress;-)
vanlandigham estate parlor room bridal imageclassic bridal portait with modern twistimage of bride in modern trusseu gown by hayden olivia at vanlandingham estateimage of bride in modern trusseu gown by hayden olivia at vanlandingham estatevanlandigham garden bridal session classic bride black and whitebride in modern trusseu gown in vanlandigham garden by occulousvanlandigham esatte garden bridal session with bride in modern trusseu gownvanlandigham garden bridal session
Bridal Portrait Location: The VanLandingham Estate
Photography: BlueSky Studios
Hair/Makeup: Nicole Paride
Gown: Modern Trousseau from Hayden Olivia
Floral Headpiece: Nectar Floral Design


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