Introducing: Haylie! (BlueSky's New Studio Manager & Associate Photographer)

2012 was amazing.   Little BlueSky has grown by leaps and bounds.  We expanded our Studio space, met our goal of being consistently published on multiple blogs and in magazines. (Including Carolina Bride and Charlotte Wedding Magazine. ) We have photographed in the mountains and on beaches. (domestically and internationally)  We have been hired for editorial spreads and commercial work.  It’s been a whirlwind.  But best of all we have found THE clients that make us continue to get up bright and early every morning and to love what we do!
We have come to a place where we have taken on a lot and want to continue at this pace…but it was time to admit–WE NEED HELP!!  I can’t deny that in all of the growth and change; there have been times when we were a bit behind, perhaps a little too scattered and dare I say…spread a little thin.   And, since first and foremost our goal is to provide THE BEST images and experience for our clients.  Being ‘behind’ or ‘scattered’ (even if occasionally and for amazing reason) is not acceptable to us and we knew it was time to find some ‘help.’  (But it had to be the ‘right’ fit, someone to not just get things done but also a ‘fit’ to our brand and personality.)
Ladies and gentlemen:  let me introduce you to Haylie.  She is coming on board as a part time Studio Manager for BlueSky as well as entering our Associate Photographer program. (acting in a 3rd photographer capacity to learn in our style with intention of growing her skill-set and potentially being a photographer with our company on a more permanent basis.) She is here to help keep us on task, deliver ‘amazingness’ to our clients and be able to assist in photographing clients along side of our primary shooting team.
A bit about Haylie:
–  she is all ‘artsy-like’ and graduated from school with a fancy photography degree from Winthrop University
–  she is about the cutest thing around. Freckles and the biggest smile
– her recue-dog is GIANT and the 4rd cutest dog around (besides my two and our rescue:-)
– she is pretty funny and her facebook statuses may have been a good part of why she got the job:-)
Welcome Haylie!  We cannot wait to have you here to help us dazzle our clients and make us laugh:-)
**Here are a few fun pics I have “stolen” from her facebook page that seem to sum her up




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