Rockin new biz card design!

Loving the new biz cards designed by Jenny Culp at  –Since Bluesky photographs both weddings and children…coming up with something that encompassed the overall ‘brand’ was a tough job!  However, I am pretty darned pleased with the outcome.  🙂  8 different images will appear on the back of the cards with a corresponding front ‘tag line.’
–Big thanks to Jenn for contending with my many revisions…  Sneak Peek below as they make their way to the printers:


  1. michelle says:

    I adore these, big time! You should “B. Proud” hahahaha 🙂 I’m officially requesting one as soon as you get them. Xoxo, happy holidays C !!!

  2. B Original says:

    B Becker. Original…very original.

  3. Cass Mooney says:

    Thanks folks! We worked really hard to try and tie everything together after 8 months of brainstorming/edits/re-edits. (I drove my designer nuts:-)
    @ ‘B. Original’…I was not sure if this was a compliment or a compli-sult:-) I tried to email you back but it was an ivalid email. (Googled B. Becker…are you referencing his [b]ecker??? I had not heard of him until recently on ‘Ask Dane’..he does great work!!)

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