Merry Everything!

As we shut down the Mac and get ready to spend the next few days with family I wanted to leave  you all with a little ‘holiday cheer.’  –Meet Henry Thomas (and his Big Sister Ella Grace!)  This holiday season our group of close friends was graced with yet another sweet babe. Henry is truly a blessing as our friends’ quest to have children has not been easy to say the least. –We were thrilled for them 18 months ago when Ella Grace made her way into the world with a little ‘assistance’ from some talented physicians.  So when they announced their pregnancy this year with no ‘medical intervention’…we were just ecstatic for them.  (and affectionately referred to him as BOGO 😉    **Anna, if you read this-I hope you will not shoot me for putting that into print…)
Unlike petite little Ella- who was (and is) an absolute peanut…Henry  is all ‘Gerber baby’…. squeeze-y cheeks and lots of baby folds.  (our efforts to get an image of him taken in his Christmas stocking were made a bit  difficult by his pudgy baby belly… hilariously sweet.) I could not imagine a better set of images to say ‘Christmas’ than these!
Welcome to the world Baby Henry and ‘Merry Everything’ to my fabulous friends, family and incredible clients!  Looking forward to a wonderful 2011 with all of you!


  1. Lovely work, those are some adorable kids and a gerber baby for sure!

  2. Neil Gaudet says:

    Cute photos of Henry and Grace, love your blog.

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