BlueSky 2014 'behind the Scenes': (aka #hotmesscentral)

As we gear up to march swiftly into the excitement of the New Year– I spent the day in the studio wrapping up and tying a nice little bow onto 2014.
Oh, 2014.  You were both trying (losing my dad, closing our multi-vendor studio, losing my dog, a car accident..  Man.  This sounds like a country song. enough of that.)  BUT–also amazing.  (we photographed 24  weddings of glamorous, fearless and fiery couples;  many of which I now call friends.  And personally, I learned a lot about true friendships, grace and what it really means to be an ‘adult.’)
And, though I cannot deny there was good–I am in fact happily ready to launch 2014 straight to curb and beacon 2015 in with a smile and slowly batting lashes….I see you 2015…you look pretty sexy;-)
But before I do.  I leave you with a few of our favorite ‘BlueSky Outtakes.’    HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!
May the road rise up to meet you 
May the wind be always at your back. 
May the Sun shine warm upon your face
…and when it doesn’t–may you chase it down, grab your warm windbreaker and have the audaciousness to show 2015 Who is Boss!
….drum roll please…..
Image 1:  We’d like to title this ‘ef the cake’ 🙂   This little diddy was a #hotmess based on the technical aspect of the flash ‘dumping’ onto the white wall…but ‘saved’ by the gem of our dapper groom inadvertently flipping the bird.:-)

‘That one time..when we did a first look cliffside and thought we were both well hidden from each other shots’  #notsomuch #creepers    **Extra point for George and his creeper “Rogue Flash Bender” that makes a 6’4 dide 7 ft

Based on the face of this priest–I am pretty certain my spot somewhere ‘warm’ is being reserved.  (hint: its not Maui)

Next up ‘Blinded by the Light

‘Retribution’  (aka: “you’re fired, George.)

The Duke Mansion dance floor was slammed!  Our bride and groom were busting a move and I so wanted to take my short self above the crowd to get a few shots.  After removing my heels, climbing  onto a chair and precariously balanced myself and….see Stephen was doing the exact same thing.  #fail

So–a little secret? Many wedding officiants seemingly forget to move a step left or right at the moment of the first kiss.  Often resulting in what I’d like to title “Three’s a Crowd”

This one…made it all the way through initial edits and then I looked left….

Cheers…. (a misplaced glass and hello 4-eyes)

Crazy flash bender steps in front of light source and a giant plunger is projected onto the bride.

G. climbed above the ceremony for the first kiss….only to find a little creeper at the end of the aisle.    (see that crumpled ball on the ground?  Its Cass!)

The next few–well…we do like to test our locations and light before we place our couples there.



Adios 2014!  Thank you for the memories! (and lessons)


  1. Lana says:

    These are great Cass, certainly made me laugh!

  2. Totally hilarious Cass!! Thanks for sharing. Great Post!!

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