If you could see what I see. (A photographer's thoughts on what is really beautiful)

In the 4 years since ‘accidentally’ falling into photography again and leaving the corporate world behind- I have seen a lot.
I have been privy to some of the most intimate moments in the lives of others: warm, wedding tears flowing down freshly-made faces, anxious tugs to now-too-tight shirts to cover the few pounds lingering as you hold your new baby.   Awkward body language relaxing into genuine embrace when you ‘forget’ my camera is near..   Each experience uniquely beautiful.
Yet—Almost always,  each interaction begins with “I am just not photogenic” or “Can you Photoshop my hips/eyes/wrinkles/teeth (insert your own insecurities here.)
Dear YOU, (yes you.) I wish you could see what I see.
Where you see embarrassing, ‘ugly cry’—I see joy spilling behind blinking eyelids.
Where you see ‘baby pudge’—I see glowing skin and the beautiful connection between you and that 8 lbs 7 oz. staring up at you.
Where you see ‘wrinkles’ I see the way your nose forms the perfect ‘bunny’ as you roll your eyes, then break into laughter at your busband-to-be’s attempt at a joke.
I see:
The way your eyes light up when you speak about how you met your wife.
Your freckles that spill onto your cheeks like stars
Your brilliant smile, which also spans the faces of your sister, mother and grandmother too.
I so wish you could see what I see. (And sometimes you do when seeing your images for the first time and finally catching a glimpse of what the rest of us see and sheepishly proclaim “I look kind of hot.”)
However, I cannot wait for the day you sit in our hair and makeup lounge and instead of  apologizing for your ‘wide nose;’ you begin with ‘I have always love my curly red hair’ or ‘my curvy hips are my favorite part of my body.’
Until then.
I will do my best to remind you.


  1. Lana says:

    I really liked what you wrote. I think that’s true with most people, they see themselves differnt then others see them. (I also like the little video at the end)

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