Engaged! Dawn & Jodie's LKN Engagement Session (Lake House Engagement Session Charlotte, NC)

When brain-storming with Dawn on a meaningful idea for their engagement session we touched on places and things they loved together. Travel, wine, outdoors…many of the ‘usual suspects’:-)
However, with Dawn living in a different city from Jodie until after the wedding and having to really carve out time.  And,  when they do get to see one another it is often spent being very ‘comfortable.’  Often times curled up on a sofa sipping a glass of wine–just really enjoying their time together, because (in her words) Jodie is home to her.
It was then we decided to  build our session around just that…home.  (And, since Dawn’s parents have a great house on the lake where both families have shared good times; we had the perfect location.  …allowing us to spend our session  enjoying all of the comforts of home.)



  1. Cindy Barnard "Dawn's Ma" says:

    A beautiful representation of my lovely daughter and my future son-in-law, Jodie. I can see them lounging around the lake house and enjoying each others company whenever I wish, because of your talent. Thank you for that wonderful gift! I look forward to the wedding and precious memories from BLUESKY in June. Blessings!

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