Modern Maternity: Hannah & Benny (BlueSky Studios Charlotte First In-house Session)

Stephen and I had the pleasure of our first session in our new digs last week!  …S. snapped the shutter while I worked with lighting/body positioning and attempted to not get swept off of our rooftop when holding onto the jumbo reflector…)
Since we (nor Hannah and Benny) are into very ‘traditional’ maternity images…we opted for something a bit more ‘fashion/editorial’-inspired…what do you think?
Congratulations Hannah & Benny on your soon-to-be-hitting-the-scene, destined-to-be-a-rockstar…Baby Ryle Cooper!

(Author’s comment: It is so not fair to be this h-o-t when about to deliver a baby:-) Rrrrooww… 


  1. I absolutely LOVE the tatoo shot! It’s so fitting! Your use of color in the last shot is fabulous…It’s so Vibrant and Fun!

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