B. Wed: Jill & Anthony's Wedding Highlights Video (Van Landingham Estate/St. Matthews Church Charlotte, NC Wedding Photography)

When a client makes your day with feedback like this after seeing just a few images from their wedding day :
“OH Cassandra!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!!!
They are so beautiful and everything we could have hoped for!!! You did such an AMAZING job in capturing the beauty of the day!!!! These pictures took me right back to those magical moments…and made me feel like I was there again.
You just want to run right out and show them some more:-)   Ladies and Gentlemen….BlueSky Presents Jill and Anthony’s Wedding Highlights Video:



  1. mom gassel says:

    oh dear, the most beautiful couple and day………thank you Cassandra, you captured the moment so so so lovely……..wow, I am sure I will watch many times today and forever……thank you so much………..
    mrs g, mom

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