FAQ: Do we really need an E-session? (plus, Signature Guest Books and such…)

Frequently I am asked if an engagement session is truly important or just another ‘nice-to-have’ on the long list of wedding expenses.   And more candidly–‘What do we as a couple possibly need an entire set of images of ourselves 6 mo to a year before our wedding when will have ton of pictures then?’  Well folks–I am just going to be blunt here. (would you expect anything less from moi’? wink-wink.)  To me, an e-session prior to photographing a wedding is a NECESSITY.  Yep-  I said it. Non-negociable.  All of our wedding collections beginning January will include them…and here’s the WHY…
In my not-so-humble opinion…a ‘good’ wedding photographer should include an engagement session with their wedding collection because engagement sessions play a vital role in getting *ultra-fabulous* wedding images! No ifs and or buts about it.
First and foremost, you and your photographer get to know each other, and create a bond that will allow the 3 of you to bring out your best and create gorgeous, life-long images that should best represent ‘you’ during this amazingly exciting time in your lives.   You will also learn how your photographer works, the pace at which they move, and the way they give direction. You will learn how to relax and act natural in front of the camera. Many of our clients are surprised at how, well,  uh-hum,–can we just call a spade a spade?  A-k-w-a-r-d with-a-capital-A it is being in front of a camera.  Or they get nervous to act ‘lovey-dovey’ in front of the lens. Can you imagine adding those nerves to wedding day jitters?!  By the time of your big day you should already be super comfy, so you can have fun, enjoy the day, and not stress about your photos. I absolutely love when I feel like I’ve become friends with the bride & groom by the time we get to their wedding day and this could not happen without an e-session.  And I  think you can definitely can see the difference in the final images when this happens.
The second reason you should do an engagement session is more for your photographer. You see, at the engagement session your photographer will also learn things about you– like if you blink a lot, or how to get you to smile naturally, and what ‘poses’ and angles flatter you, to name a few. It is also really important to me as a photographer to save time at the wedding day and have you back to your guest and enjoying your day. Because of our engagement session, I already have in mind some work well for you, which saves time vs. experimenting and once again is helping to insure some rockin’ wedding images.  I always take a peek back through the engagement session the night before a wedding to remind me of those items discovered during a session.
Finally, capturing these images allows for all kinds of personal and gorgeous items such as photo ‘Save the dates’ and  Signature guest book albums. (see below for a few examples)  A recent bride may have put it best when she and her hubby-to-be decided (though on a budget) to schedule and e-session and order a fine art photo guest book…’We have decided that we wil never again in our lives have a chance to document how we feel about each other during the moment leading up to our wedding.’ (The album was such a hit at their reception and was so much more fun and personal than a tradition ‘sign-on-the-dotted line’ guest book.)
So there you have it my friends:  e-sessionawesomeness for your wedding day images.  (and oh, by the way…they are actually a whole lot of fun too.  Note–Wine is optional..but helpful:-)
A few images from one of our recent e-sessions…how happy do they look?? (can not wait to photograph their wedding in April!)



  1. Stacy Filicko-Sliwinski says:

    I am so happy that my husband and I chose to do an engagement session. We loved so many of the shots that we had a guest book made to use at the wedding. It’s a beautiful keepsake.

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