B. Sunflared

Yes–I have an obsession.  Maybe it is from growing up in ever-gray-skied OH-IO.  But if I can find a spot of sunlight dancing through a tree, peeking around a corner or ‘teasing me’ in any of the million other ways she does..I will stand on/crawl under/jump over most anything to try and catch her in my camera. (you photog peeps know exactly what I mean..it is a ‘dance’ so to speak to bottle her in your lens..)  Today was was cold in CLT….but fabulous  little sunshine  met us for a late afternoon engagement session.  Just looking at them makes me warmer.
My name is Cassandra…and I am a sun-flare-a-holic….and I would not have it any other way.


  1. MaryAnn Hill says:

    Breathtaking my friend….

  2. sharalee says:

    super glow! love it.

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