B. Lucky-365 days of gratitude project (day 7)

Day 7-  **People who Live Life ‘Out-loud’**

Too many times I see (and have been guilty myself…) folks who rush about a day, week, month and year without ever taking it and making it their own.  We focus on our jobs, our kids….we care what the proverbial “Jones” think and live quite ‘vanilla-y.’  Today I am grateful for those who celebrate life and make the everyday ‘non-mediocre’ whether it be  deciding to choose a new career path  at 40 or simply using the fine china for pizza…  Today I am grateful for moments when life is lived out-loud.


  1. Joelle says:

    I love it! My philosophy exactly. If you MUST be vanilla, at least add some sprinkles I say!!

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