Sweet Sinai–Movie Star in Training

Now that I am getting back into the rhythm of ‘business as usual’ its time to catch up on some long overdue blog posting of what we have been up to this summer…besides a lot of travel:-)  Meet Sinai–fashion model/rockstar/actress-in-the-making!  This little beauty LOVED the camera!!!  (so much so it was a task in and of its self to get her to stop ‘posing’ and and just enjoy her time at the park.  Ha)   Man, she is a doll!   And, as much as she loved the camsera….it loved her right back.
Since our session, she and her lovely mama have moved to the West coast so I feel very lucky to have met them and provide some lasting images of their time here in the Carolinas.  Thank you Teele family!   XO, Bluesky


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