Happy Valentines Day= 'Weddings by BlueSky' Launched!

-This is a ‘soft’ launch; meaning, no marketing efforts will begin, cards printed or site promoted without some feedback from you, my charming friends, family and clients.   Please  take a look (just know its a work in progress…:-) and provide any candid feedback you are willing to share.  –An image less than stellar?? Let me know.  Font not readable?  Let me know..  A typo..you get the picture.  Or, if there is something you just love..of course, I’d love to know that too:-)
As many of you know, I absolutely love shootings weddings and I am very excited to make this official.  The next 6 months will be a building time for me and due to that–our rates will be priced very reasonably as we build up the portfolio, add to the website and begin to build our ‘wedding reputation’ of excellence.  (If you know anyone getting married and booking a photographer int the next 6 months..check out the ‘investment page’ on the site.  I am also willing to ‘shoot second’ if you know of anyone who has already booked a photographer but is seeking a more full day of coverage than 1 photog can offer…)
With fingers crossed and a smile on my face….welcome to ‘Weddings by BlueSky!’


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