And the WINNER is…

Wow.  This was much more challenging than I had imagined when I decided to do an engagement session give-a-way.  The response was great and some of the corresponding emails were funny, fun and in some cases just downright touching.
All that said, being a sucker for all things fun/funny/touching…I could not choose just 1!  So see below for all 4 of our winners (yes-4…)  and for the rest of you who entered thank you so much for sharing your photos and stories and I will be sending you each ‘a little something’ too;-)
And the WINNERS are:
Meet Rich and his fiance’ who were just engaged December 19.  –You know funny always wins me over.  So when Rich emailed me he was fairly certain his bride-to-be wanted to do an engagement session–though he himself was a little unsure what that actually entailed or why people choose to do them-he had me laughing. (and him winning. I love the idea that he wanted to do this for his fiance’ even though unsure what he was going to have to do or why:-)  Rich–see future post on the merits of an e-session soon…) Rich also sent over a multitude of shots explaining that ‘like most people–we can not agree on a shot that we each think we look good in so I just sent a bunch.’  I can tell already these 2 are going to be a blast to work with. (Rich also become a facebook fan of my child and family work–which made me a fan of his as it it showed it was more than just about winning the session–he actually checked out some of the work before entering. Very cool)   Congratulations Rich and ‘bride-to-be!’
The next 3 winners were all referred by friends.  (How cool is that !)  This was the main reason I chose the additional winners–I love the notion of good friends taking the time to enter someone they deemed deserving.
Meet Amy and her fiance, JJ. Amy came to us as a referral by her good friend Paige.  In addition to Paige complementing my work (I am certainly a huge sucker for THAT as well:-)  She had the following to say about Amy:  “She will absolutely LOVE your photos! …She is SO photogentic she will be easy to shoot—She turns out pretty even on her worst day!” I also have had the pleasure to know Amy personally (we ran in the same ‘social circle’ years ago..) and know she is an energetic and fun person–and that always make for a great session! Congrats Amy & JJ!

Meet Allison and her hubby-to-be:
Allison came in as a referral from her friend Jodie (who should be a lobbyist in her next life, I might add:-) Jodie gave me lots of reasons to choose her friend, includingShe is so beautiful and photogenic! I think they would make a great addition to your “repitore”…..not that I am biased or anything!!!” And, I agree–these 2 are just plain c-u-t-e! Can’t wait to meet the personalities behind the gorgeous faces.

And finally, my absolute favorite entry winners. Katie submitted on behalf of her friend Michelle–when you read just a portion of the email Katie sent on behalf of her friend, you will understand why:
“Michelle is one of my best friends of years and years and has the greatest heart. She’s that friend that makes you laugh until you can’t breathe and also the one that understands you when you feel like no one else does. Michael is an incredibly fun loving guy and they’re a perfect duo. I know they would love the style of session you are suggesting (outdoorsy and wintry). They’re both so outgoing and would be up for whatever. I’m not sure how conventional this is for someone else to be submitting a couple, but I’m so happy for them and wanted to give them a chance at this” Wow–how could I not choose this?

Congratulations to Michelle and Michael and I can not wait to meet a couple that inspired such a sentiment! (Don;t they just look like fun?)

Thank you all for your entires and I will be in touch in the upcoming week with additional details and to discuss your individual sessions.  Each of you will receive a full, ‘lifestyle’ custom engagement session (determined by your individual personalities, interests and ‘stories.’) along with an 8X0 of your favorite image.  Congratulations and I can not wait to post the results!  Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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