Sweet Sisters!

Meet Ceci and Sam, my Jeremy Igo photo class Assignment 1:-)
Since I got my little Rebel at Christmas time (thanks again Bri for reminding me how much I enjoy this.) I have been telling Rachelle and Nick I wanted to get some shots. I think they had a ball. (as you can see from some of their very priceless expressions.)
The assignment: demonstrate a shallow depth of field/stop action and motion in a series of photo
Stop action and bokeh/shallow depth of field (fancy name for blurry background.)

I just like this one…not an assignment photo (she was bothered by the reflector and said it too bright so she did not want to open her eyes…ha)

Sam enjoying a cupcake (and SDOF)

Again–I just like this one;-)


Ceci (and SDOF)

So sweet and innocent…and then the ‘tickle torture’ began..

Thank you girls!!!


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