Sooo….you want to take childrens portraits????

Camera, check. Reflector…wait…where did the

reflector go??Camille’s boys, Hayes and Ryhs, were tons of fun. See below for the ‘outtakes’ of assignment 2.
Rhys takes over the shoot!!

Not sure I can get a 2:1 light ratio like this….

Wrestling class or photo shoot??

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  1. Nikki Kirkpatrick says:

    C??? I love the first one, maybe not quite the assignment, but I love that you have no shadows in the face and it is very focused, the eyes are sparkling. Great job!

  2. Nikki Kirkpatrick says:

    Well, I meant for this comment to go on the photos above, I was referncing the black and white where he is sitting on the reflector.

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