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2019 Wedding Information and Investment Guide

Wedding Collections start at $4500 and include:
Initial Consultation (in person or over the phone – to makes sure we are a perfect fit before you book!)
Photo Timeline Consultation (to ensure everything that matters to you is Covered!)
Wedding day Coverage
with Elly and a Lighting Assistant
Boutique Editing of Delivered Photographs*
24 hour turn around on Sneak Peeks
Event Cards (with your photo on it to hand out to your guest)
Online Gallery for viewing, ordering and sharing photographs
High Resolution Digital Photos from the Wedding with Print Rights
Complimentary Engagement Session with High Resolution Photos and the Print Rights
16×24 Photo of your favorite photo from you engagement session to display at your wedding

Elopement Collections start at $1200 *

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My goal is to fall in love with each of my clients. To look for their unique strengths and beauty and to listen for what ignites their spirit. To find out who you are, and what matters to you. These are the lenses in which I want to see you through during your photographic experience.

I believe every moment, every portrait, and the way I photograph them matter. It tells a story and I want it to be beautiful and unique to you.

I can’t wait to tell your story.

Here’s my commitment to you.

I’m committed to…

Giving you emotionally impactful photographs

Creating emotional photographs that leave you breathless don’t just happen. They aren’t luck (99% of the time). There are a lot of factors that go into making a beautiful, emotionally impactful photographs. Composition, lighting, proximity to the subject are just a few.

Then there’s the EXACT moment. Not the moment right before, nor the moment after, but the EXACT moment. That tiny moment that happens for a split second. When you shed a tear and he looked at you, picked up your hand and kissed it, while at the same time you wiped away that tear. That’s what I’m talking about.

There is a science behind getting those kind of photos. Instinct and many years of experience tells me when those moments are going to happen. Then sticking with it and waiting patiently for that right moment. That’s the ultimate key. Those photographs require; trust from the client, lighting skills, composition, being prepared, instinct and a knowing that only comes with experience, and patience – lots of patience.


Creating an environment that makes you feel comfortable and free to be your awesome self

First and foremost, I know no matter how beautiful a photograph looks, if the people weren’t comfortable, they’ll look at that photo and it’ll only remind them of how THEY felt in that moment (not to mention – you can usually tell even if you weren’t there if you really look).

Whether it’s a session or your wedding, I want you to have fun and feel beautiful, totally free to be your awesome self. This is one of the reasons I gift a Forever (engagement) session with ALL of my wedding collections. It gives us a chance to get to know each other and relax. I learn how you like to be photographed as well as your unique chemistry with one another.

Most importantly when I’m there during the most intimate and special moments on your wedding day, you’ll look over a see a friend, not a stranger with a camera.

Caring about you and what matters most to you.

I’m obsessed with people, human nature, why we do what we do. These are the kinds of things I study in my spare time.

I love discovering what makes each of my couples unique. What they REALLY care about, who in their life really matters, what their dreams are, and what they really want their wedding day to look like. I want to be your ally in making your dreams come true.

I’m obsessed with love and connection and love that I get to capture it for a living. I pick quality over quantity any day. This is why I only accept 12 weddings a year. I know you’ve invested your time and resources in me, I want to make sure your getting my very best.

Using my talents to show you in your best light.

I want to make you feel like queen or king. I’ll do my best to capture each moment or portrait at the most optimal angle, lens choice and the best light to make you look your best. It’s just as important to me to capture your essence, your inner beauty as well as what’s on the outside.

Clean, Vivid Photographs that tell the story of your day

There have been many trends over the years, including the current one which is light and bright with washed out colors. I happen to love some of those photographs and that “look” certainly has it’s place and is “occasionally” used by me when it makes sense aesthetically. However, you will not see that throughout a wedding day here. I want to capture your day accurately and to show you how vivid and beautiful it was. To capture the colors you spent hours choosing, correctly. To show the beautiful uplighting you had at your reception versus washing it out with light. I want my couples to have timeless photographs that capture the day the way they remembered it.

Capturing the people who matter most to you

I want to get to know you ahead of time and really get to know who matters most to you. We pay extra close attention to them on the wedding day to make sure and capture beautiful moments with them too. Your wedding is a day to celebrate your love and commitment and it’s also a celebration of all the wonderful people who have supported you throughout the years and helped shape who you are. We want to make sure and honor them with beautiful photographs that you can look at throughout the years.

*Boutique Editing – means each photograph you receive will have been color corrected and cropped. Close up portraits may have skin softening and blemishes removed (unless otherwise requested).

*Elopement Collections are only available during the week or when booked within 3 months of your wedding date