How much does wedding photography cost?

2019 Wedding Information and Investment Guide

Wedding Collections start at $4500

All of our Wedding Collections Include:

Consultation in person and/or over the phone.
To make sure we are a perfect fit before you book
Complimentary One hour Wedding Coaching Session
I’m super passionate about growth, that’s why I completed a 2 year intensive Life Coach Training program in 2017. This session is all about what you need, I’m here to listen to you powerfully, because I know you actually have the answers you need. You can use this session to just vent about your wedding planning, to get dreamy dreamy about your wedding, and / or do some creative brainstorming and problem solving together.
Photo Timeline Consultation plus a Shot list.
To ensure everything that matters to you is Covered!
Photography with Elly
You are hiring me as your lead and I will be there. We will get to know each other very well during your engagement, so when I show up on your wedding day, you’ll feel like a friend is with you all day. I want you to be 100% comfortable with me and trust me to capture your day the way you want, so you can focus on being present and enjoying it! With over 15 years of experience of photographing over 500 weddings, I got you!
Second Photographer
Most of my clients say the candid moments are the most important or at least equally as important to the epic photos of the two of them. Having a second photographer will allow us to capture your day fully and will give you twice as many moments!
Lighting Assistant
Dress fluffer / furniture re-arranger / family organizer / holder of stuff / calming amazing person
Boutique Editing of Delivered Photographs
Each photograph you receive will have been individually color corrected and cropped. Close up portraits may have skin softening and blemishes removed (unless otherwise requested)
24 hour turn around on Sneak Peeks
1-5 Photographs
Interactive Online Gallery
For viewing, ordering, sharing and downloading photographs
High Resolution Photos from the Wedding
with Print Rights

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