New Years Eve Wedding at Founders Hall in Charlotte, NC

Class and glamour from ceremony to dinner time. And then the best party ever.

Deirdre and Christopher choose to celebrate their wedding on New Years Eve, bringing in the new decade with the people they love most. It was very important to them that everyone have an awesome time. This is one of the reasons they decided to do a first look (plus they also wanted some quality time alone together). They were able to take all of their formal portraits before the ceremony and spend their cocktail hour… well enjoying their cocktail hour! – instead of taking portraits. “Christopher’s favorite moment on our wedding day was the first look and getting to have that intimate moment, just the two of us. I think mine was the walk down the aisle and seeing all the people I love in one space with a big smile on their face, knowing they were there to support us. And my favorite person of all was waiting for me at the end.” Both Chris and Deirdre describe one another as thoughtful. This was so evident throughout the planning process, their wedding and the details. They were very intentional throughout and really cared about everyone’s experience. 

Here’s a few pieces of advice / tips from Deirdre:

DIY Decorating Details and Resources

“I did a lot of google and pinterest searches for New Years Eve wedding. That’s where I got the idea for using clocks and gold ornaments for the centerpieces. And then I thought adding candles would make it more romantic.  I did a lot of bargain shopping at places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby by stacking sales with coupons. I traded my credit card miles for gift cards at certain retailers and used them to shop instead of spending cash. I used Facebook Marketplace to buy gently used wedding decor from former brides asking a fraction of what I would have paid in the store.  

I also did google searches for Founders Hall wedding to get some ideas on how other brides decorated the venue.”

What was your favorite detail?

“Too many!  I loved the way Ivy arranged our centerpieces with the clocks, candles, and ornaments.  It was a lot of work to shop around and then play with different ideas, but totally worth it because it gave me a great sense of pride to see the finished product.  I think the string lights really elevated the space to meet our vision. And the cupcake table was so fun and beautiful! I’m so glad you photographed everything because I never actually went around to look at it all!”

What advice would you have for other engaged couples as they plan their weddings?

“Hire a Day of Coordinator at the very least, especially if you are doing a lot of DIY.  It’s worth the peace of mind, really. Before we started planning, I would have totally minimized the need for one.  But after we got into the thick of it, I was so thankful we had ours. I couldn’t imagine attempting to manage the execution of it all or even trying to delegate it to friends and family.  We all just got to show up and enjoy ourselves. To me, she was one of our best investments.

Can’t count all the reasons why we chose to invest in the best of the best, but one of them has to be receiving sneak peeks from our photographer less than 24 hours after our wedding. Future brides — if you want a truly unique and authentic photography experience from a brilliant artist with an eye for magic, you must hire Weddings by Bluesky. She has blown us away from the start.”

Our Story

When two Italians meet in the South…

Deirdre’s side:

I had recently moved back to the Charlotte area after being away for a few years. I was excited to be back in a familiar place with familiar faces, ready to start a new chapter. I was not at all excited about navigating yet another dating scene. I waited about 6 months before I joined eHarmony. A couple of people had suggested it to me because they had a more rigid vetting process when communicating with potential matches. Being very suspicious of everyone, I loved this idea. No more creepy messages. No more “Hey gurl…gimme your number so we can txt because this app is too hard” garbage. No, fool. You fill out that 3-part questionnaire first, and then I’ll consider it.

Christopher made the first reach out. After making it through eHarmony’s “guided communication” process, we were able to chat directly through their messaging system. He suggested arranging a phone date before meeting in person. You must understand that in a millennial dating world, the concept of verbal phone communication is about as common as a heated political debate ending well. I was intrigued. We talked seamlessly for over an hour, scheduled a face-time date for the following week, and then finally met for dinner.

My favorite thing to tell people is that I continued to vet him for the next 6 months. My skeptical nature told me it was very unlikely that I had met a real person who was as kind-hearted, caring, and seemingly selfless as him, and who I equally wanted spend my time with. Those type of men didn’t exist, and if they did, they were either in hiding or wildly unavailable. So obviously, it had to be a trick, and I would be ready for it. Spoiler alert…I don’t think that other shoe is ever going to drop. <3

Christopher’s side

A few months before we met, I was needing a change from life in the city and decided to rent a house in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The house sat on 49 acres. My next door neighbor owned several horses, and on most nights, I was able to watch wild life roam freely through my front yard. I was definitely out in the country. I decided to join eHarmony because I knew I would get a better quality experience and meet more women who weren’t interested in playing games. I saw Deirdre’s profile and wanted to reach out to her, even though she was a millennial.

As she mentioned, our phone and skype dates went very well, as did our first date at Tupelo Honey. The important part is really what came later. Deirdre is the full package. She is sweet, beautiful, smart and down to earth. A kind heart is a key characteristic of someone I was looking for, and I found that in her. She has all the qualities that every guy could want, and I found myself wanting to spend more and more time with her.

One of my favorite things about our relationship is that we both share a love for 80’s and 90s music. I’m still trying to catch her up to speed with the movie culture though. Since we both come from Italian families and Long Island roots, it’s like we already understood a huge part of who we were. We’re actually holding off on doing any genetic testing out of fear that we may be 4th cousins. She doesn’t think that’s funny, but I do. Most importantly, she connected with my boy, Tweak, despite his incessant ankle licking. She also wrote this so I didn’t have to. 🙂

Wedding Professionals

Getting Ready LocationThe Omni Charlotte
Ceremony and Reception Venue Founders Hall (Moriah) 
Wedding Planner / Coordinator The Silk Veil Events by Ivy – Ivy Honeycutt
Hair / Make Up Artists
NL Glam – Natalie Gladden
Aria Tuscan Grill
Ceremony Music
Carolina Chamber Players
DJ / Band
ATG Entertainment
Harris Teeter, Morrison Blvd
Brett Osborne
Baker / Wedding Cake
Celestial Cakery
Event Rentals & Photobooths
Extravaganza Events (lighting and specialty linens)
Wedding Dress Designer / Shop
Morilee Blu / New York Bride & Groom Charlotte
Bridesmaid Dress & Tuxedos – New York Bride & Groom Charlotte
Bridesmaid Jewelry – Stella & Dot