Church Wedding in Morganton NC with Charlotte Wedding Photographers

  • How did the proposal go?
    Not as planned. The intent was to propose to Renea on a hike with a waterfall, but that day it rained. Because it rained we decided to do other things. We went to Hickory NC and watched a movie (The Hate You Give), then went to Mellow Mushroom to eat. We couldn’t find anything else to do in Hickory after eating so we made our way back to Morganton. Renea didn’t want to go in the house and wanted to walk, but felt it was too late because the sun had begun setting. I suggested we walk anyway and choose to go to the Greenway. We stopped at a dock on the Greenway, were watching the sunset, and when I noticed no one was around, I proposed. (So, that morning Sherwin took my promise ring making me think I lost it all day. When I asked him if he knew where it was he said no). I said to Renea, ” Since you lost your other ring I’ll replace it with this one.” By the time Renea turned around and was facing me, I was down on one knee with the ring. She tried to take the ring from me rather than allowing me to put it on her finger, I put it on her hand and she kept saying thank you and, “I’m not supposed to be saying thank you but that just keeps coming in my head.” We laughed and made our way back to the car to go home.
  • What do you love most about him?
    I love that Sherwin is a very caring person. I also love that he’s not controlling and always wants my opinion about things. I love that he listens to me talk (cause I can talk a lot) and that sometimes me talking is relaxing for him. I love that he thinks about our future and that he is a forward thinker. I love that he is a hard worker and also knows how to play hard.
  • What do you love most about her?
    I love that Renea is compassionate, understanding, and very attached to who she cares about deeply. She always puts God first and she always has my back.


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