Downtown Wilmington, NC Engagement Session by Charlotte wedding photographers

“She is just a light, she has a sweet demeanor that makes everyone around her comfortable” – John
“He is her rock, he has seen her at her worst and is still here.” – Ashley

Ashley and John planned to have their engagement session in the spot where they got engaged.

The forecast for the entire weekend was rainy, except their session. It was only a 20% chance. It was looking great, up until the day of. Ashley and John are troupers! They made the best of it and went for it anyway. It rained their entire session except for a short little break at sunset… and it was glorious! The sky opened up and the sky was on fire (just like their love for one another). 🙂

Needless to say, I think the rain actually made their session even more unique and EPIC. I mean… look at those photos of them in the rain at the end.

One of the best qualities you can have in a marriage is to make the best of each situation (make lemonade out of lemons). If this session tells you anything about Ashley and John, I hope you can see these two really know how to make lemonade.


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