Super exciting NEWS!

“Elly’s Photography will be 15 years old this September! I have been an solopreneur since I was 19!!… running this small little business. THANK YOU – to all who have supported me! I absolutely would NOT be in business if I didn’t have your support and referrals. So again thank you! It’s been the most rewarding thing I have ever done… and I can honestly say, I’ve never loved it more. 

I’ve known for a while that it was time for something different; that I couldn’t keep running a business alone. That I was meant to work with others. That I’m meant to make a much bigger impact in this world. 

I’ve also known for a long time that my dear friend Cass Bradley (of 8+ years) and I were supposed to do something together, I just didn’t know what.  We’ve always been each other’s cheerleaders, shared in our successes and failures and helped each other grow. We’ve always had such similar visions, missions and DREAMS.

AND recently, it all became clear to us.

As of January 2020, we decided to merge our Wedding photography businesses.  I’m sooooo excited about this. Both of our passions and drive working together towards the same goals…. What!?! It is going to be fire! Btw, if you haven’t met her, she’s fiery! 

So, watch out, because we are out to take over the world (in the best way possible) by empowering individuals to connect with themselves, their loved ones and to celebrate their lives.”

What this means for you:

You’ll receive all of my love and stellar client experience X a full team!  #nolongeraonewomanshow

2x the amount experience
2x passion

  • A full team committed to you having the best experience (We have 25 years+ of developing systems, processes designed specifically to give our now joint clients the best of all worlds. 

  • By more definitively defining our CEO/COO and studio Director roles:  we will give–dare we say–the best client experience around.  (including, giving more attention to getting to know your stories to make certain the photographs you see at your reveal will be the most meaningful to you.)

  • We have a studio you guys!  (An historic bungalow right near the city! – Complete with sample art and albums so you can physically see the legacy-creating items you will want in your home and will become the place to celebrate at your reveal and ordering session!)

  • The best of all products! (combining our years of searching for the best of the best, from Italy, US and Australia – our combined research has brought you the most gorgeous and meaningful art to select from.) 

  • Impact!  Oh, how we have plans!  Cass and I see the world similarly. We truly believe in connecting humans with one another and every person being able to live their best version of themselves.  (Stay tuned for more on this–just know we have plans to impact our community, including something really special for both our couples and other photographers.) 

Moving forward you can find my new work, blog and updates on our new combined website.
Check it out by clicking