Empowered Portraits: Makaila James Boutique (Empowered Portraits Branding Experience)

Empowered Portraits: Makaila James Boutique owner: Meet Monica  (Empowered Portraits Branding Experience)

monica Makaila james

For Monica,  (owner of Makaila James Boutique) clothing can be more than cloth and trends–it can impact how a woman sees herself.   And, this is what she strives to do for her clients (who are often mamas who need to ‘get-their-groove-back or younger professionals who may not yet have big clothing budgets but want to look and feel amazing.)  All of which she wanted to convey through her branding experience when she  commissioned BlueSky Photo Artists.  It beam our gaol to work together to create photographs that showcased not only her brand–but who she is at her core.
After over a decade in fashion- (starting at 16 (at Limited 2;-) ) working  her way up to running full stores, merchandising, buying, all operational things and landing roles within large fashion houses-  2 years ago she decided it was time to launch her own boutique: Makaila James Boutique.  (named for both the middle names of her daughter and her husband.)
Monica wants to cultivate change in women–to impact how they see themselves.  With a ‘west coast/bohemian’ vibe-her lines features comfortable/stylish and affordable pieces meant to be lived in.  Monica feels so many women dislike the way they look, and while she had an eating disorder,  this feeling  is still not something she could relate too and she felt she could play a role in establishing confident for women through her clothing and styling services.   (Most especially for her customers that  are moms just like her. )  And assisting when general  who the right outfit can help in creating feelings of  ‘ I value myself’ ‘and ‘I am worth it.’
And, this.  is exactly how we wanted Monica to feel during her Empowered Portraits brand experience.  To feel that same level of  strength, confidence and laid-back beauty and have it  take center stage in her brand..because her brand is a direct reflection of HER. (she also realized the value in offering this to her Makaila James ambassador team so we also photographed them as a gift from her as well as for her to use on her website/blog/social media so her customers see other ‘non traditional model’ women who love the brand)
In addition to being an amazing mama and business owner- Monica is “pre-vivor”  and that alone impacted the way she views having an impact on the world around her..  (2 yrs ago her aunt was diagnosed with stage 4  cancer  where her family members then gained the knowledge that obsessed the same gene.  Her mom had to have a hysterectomy and double mastectomy and Monica then elected to have  double mastectomy as well and is checked every six months for signs of cancer. Along with hysterectomy in her future–as when she  turns 40, she will do so to decrease her chances of  having to fight the disease)
She admits, all of this has bee very stressful but it has allowed her to be more transparent and she is less afraid.   She now wants to take charge of her own life and encourage others to do the same.
When we asked Monica when she feels her “best self” she said it is when she feels  she strength and pushing boundaries- whether that is in the gym (health  and fitness is highly important to her) or, commanding the room in a powerful way in her business.  -We hope when she sees the photographs from her empowered portrait experience– she is always reminded of this as well as what she does for women just. like. her.

The Makaila James Ambassador team:
miranda catherine miller miranda in teh citymakaila james brand ambassador program

charlotte nc brand ambassador plaza midwood photographer


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