Winghaven Garden Charlotte, NC Bridal Portrait: Sarah

Winghaven Garden Charlotte, NC Bridal Portrait: Sarah
The iron gate softly clanged as we passed through.  A family of chipmunks scurried under foot and in a blink–disappeared into previously unseen tunnels.
Birds chirped.  The sun fell behind.  Casting the most amazing warm glow onto the white, gauzy fabric that was her veil as her sister lovingly fussed with placing it ‘properly’ into her hair.   Momma looked on. Taking in two beautiful women that I can only assume she still sees as  her ‘little girls’ making their way through the green.
Winghaven Gardens holds  special place for Sarah.
Her sweet momma has worked there for years.  (she knows the nooks and tucked-away green places by heart and can name all of the flora and fauna –including the very sharp nettled version that caught at my bare legs;-)  So it seemed more than appropriate Sarah’s bridal portrait experience should take place there.
We slowly meandered near shadowed reflecting ponds, twisted 10o-years-old-twisted-tree-branches and hedged-mazes as we carefully took in beautiful Sarah and her quiet confidence in the last few weeks before she became Van’s wife.
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