Classic Charlotte City Club Wedding (Jessica and Adam)

Meet Jessica and Adam.
Jessica and Adam have known each other since high school.  But 2009 brought them back together…for good.
7 years later, on walk with their pup (whom they ‘ love  more than anything on earth -except each other’)  — Adam  kneeled down near their ‘little chubby dog’ and seemlingly took a rest/acted like he was petting the dog.  But this time…he didn’t stand back up.   Instead, with teary eyes (and minimal words)  …Jessica said yes to the question she knew he was asking.

As we got to know each other over the months leading to their wedding day, I had  asked them ‘how they wanted the day to feel’-they said ‘real and raw’–and told me to expect some tears.

The day did not disappoint.
From the moment we gathered at The Charlotte City Club and Jess was handed a letter to read from Adam,  throughout the entire ceremony–Im pleased to report ‘happy tears’ flowed freely through the day.

Our Favorite Moments:

  • Jessica’s father taking a few private/tear-filled moments to put the finishing touches on his speech


  • The lack of dry-eyes during their touching ceremony and speeches


  • Running around the city with Jess and and Adam looking for places that were ‘private’ (during the middle of Charlotte’ Pride Week’s festivities.)  Let’s just say when you cant beat em’…you join em’ and Jess and Adam walked though center city celebrating finding many new friends along way who cheered their new nuptials.  (including one gentleman dressed in gold lame’)


  • The Great Dance-off:  Let;s just say you shouldn’t challenge this crowd unless you want to see a dance ‘throw-down’ filled with twists, turns, spins and dips for daaaayyys. (and #thatbandtho !)


  • Jess and Adam riding off into the sunset in a pedicab–pedaled by a bridesmaid. lol

Jess and Adam–it has been a true pleasure getting to know you and celebrate this day with you.

charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-2bride crying reading lettercharlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-36charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-83charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-60mom helping bride get ready view from charlotte city club charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-129charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-149charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-155uptown charlotte wedding dad writing wedding toast crying charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-302charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-322charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-342charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-463charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-473charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-490charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-517uptown charlotte fall wedding charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-525wedding during charlotte pride charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-535uptown charlotte wedding at night flower girls with bare feet charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-556wild dance floor piccharlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-651charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-694charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-701wedding dance offcharlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-721dance floor dip charlotte-city-club-wedding-_jessica-and-adam-724sparkler exit charlotte city club funny pedicab wedding exit charlottepedicab wedding exit charlotte

Jess and Adam’s A-List Wedding Pros:
Venue/Catering/Planning:  Charlotte City Club (Nathan Hoffman)
Photography: BLUESKY 
Band: The Free (with Sam Hill Entertainment)
Hair and Makeup:  Beauty Asylum
Florals:  The Flower Boutique le Marche‘ (Tammy Barton)
Cake:  Cake Expressions by Lisa (Lisa Toohey)
Gown:  Martina Liana from J Majors
Invitations:  Three Little Birds
Videographer: Crowne Alley Films


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