3 Tips to NOT having a Basic Bitc@ Wedding

non boring wedding ideas
A white dress.
A dark suit.
….Cake/flowers/maids in matching gowns.
Family photos.  First dance.  Cut cake/garter/bouquet..dance.
=a wedding.
…on the surface…all very ‘same.’
Quick!   Think of the last 5 weddings you have attended.  What do you recall?  (I bet it wasn’t the 100th spotting of masons jars, the girls all in matching monogram shirts nor the Pantone color of the year. ) …it was how the event made you FEEL.  ..and it ‘felt’ like the couple.
So how do you make you wedding memorable and well…not-so- ‘basic’.?’
(Sidebar–Though each couple’s story surely makes the day unique in some ways,  I am talking about how to infuse ‘physical’ manifestations of the couple’s personalities into the wedding day…of course each ‘story’ is different…but how do you bring that story to life!?)
Focus on the two of you..not Pinterest.
I have a love/hate with Pinterest.  There are so many amazing wedding ideas to be found!  ..and sooooooomany mason jars;-)
Awesome if you are a southern bride and these actually mean something to you.  –Not as awesome if its just replication of something  you saw on a blog devoid of your personality.  (Im talking to you New York brides getting married in museums sporting mason jars and burlap because you saw it on Style Me Pretty 😉

jars for daaaayyyzzzzz yo!…

overplayed wedding trends
So instead, save Pinterest for searching for specific ideas once you decide on an overall ‘experience’ based on what is unique to the 2 of you.
Start with:

  •  A short list of things you love to do together.  (Football fans?  Corn hole champs?  Home brewers?)
  •  A Short  list of food and drinks you adore  (Is he a whiskey lover?  Do you always eat chicken an waffles for brunch?)
  • A short list of what you are like as a couple.  (Silly? Romantic?  Adventurous?)

Now its time to use that info to infuse ‘you’ into your day!    If you are adventurous and silly..is a church wedding really for you?   Love tapas?  Then why are you doing a sit down dinner?   Music is your ‘thing?’  Why not hire that favorite acoustic guitarist vs. a DJ. (Im still waiting for the karaoke-loving couple who does live-band-karaoke at the reception.  Please..please..)
Think beyond ‘wedding world’ for inspiration in decor and design.
I love wedding blogs and magazines as much as the next girl.  However, electing to look elsewhere for gorgeous ‘steal worthy’ ideas can provide a real sense of ‘newness’ and ‘youness’ to the day.  (See what I did there?)
How about looking through your favorite interior design catalog for ideas?  Have a favorite vacation spot that always has the perfect palm fronds on display in the lobby?  Have those adorn you ceremony site vs. a more traditional mix of hydrangeas and roses.  Adore the mixed metals, candlelight, blue velvet drapes a mile long at your favorite resatunt? Why not steal these style elements for a sexy night ceremony decor?

I LOVE interior design and grabbed a screen shot from some of my saved ideas.  Adding touches of  ‘Scandinavian’ to a wedding with (whites, soft grays, weathered woods, bold/graphic prints) combined with my love of  antiqued mirrors and mixed metals could add some supreme gorgeousness to a wedding. And that floral print…what an amazing ceremony backdrop that could be!

wedding designed from interior design trends
Don’t Ask your Friends!  (I kid..sort of.)
Friends and Family can be a great resource for bouncing ideas and inspiration. (As well as vendor recommendations.  I personally get about 60% of my business this way. –Previous clients who sing my praises to their friends/family.)  However, when asking friends/family their thoughts, keep in mind we all have our signature styles and often very different likes/dislikes.  (Your friends may love ‘all-the-monogramed-things’ and well, you might not quite ‘get’ it.)
So though ideas from friends and family can be great–remember…unless you dress the same, have the same style in home decor and the same personalities…you may not elect to have the same items/vendors your friends do..to this I say…awesome!
**Along these lines:  go dress shopping with a trusted few vs. an entire ‘squad’…try on many styles (and even colors!) and see what you feel amazing in.  Just because all of your friends have an fitted,  appliqué lace/cap-sleeved/open back number doesn’t mean you can’t rock a gauzy chiffon with fabric-for-days!   (And selfishly, I hope you do…swooshes of fabric photograph like magic!;-))

This is Jess..in a year full of ‘mermaid’ gowns…she  chose a dress with layers and layers..and layers.  And, man did  it twirl!

wedding gown that twirls
I photograph a lot of weddings.  All magical in their own ways.  However, the most memorable and non-basic bitc@ are those that leave everyone saying…’ Man, that was so ‘_________ and ___________!”
….And those to me are the very best kind.
BONUS Tip:  Hire a non-basic bitc@ photographer 😉    They can make your well-thought-out/personal touches look even more amazing and  document the unique nature of your story in a way you never knew was possible.


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