Andrew and Lauren’s Wedding on the Big Island, Hawaii

From Andrew and Lauren:
“It all began May of 2008 in California, where we first met. In February of 2014 we were engaged to be married February 22 of 2015! We dreamed of having our wedding in a tropical paradise and we’re lucky enough to have it on our property in Kopoho, Hawaii that we purchased a few months after our engagement!! The islands have been calling us for some time and it wasn’t until visiting the Big Island, where we got engaged, that we found our tropical paradise! While planning our wedding we decided to make our property available for all to enjoy the beauty as much as us, for weddings or any other type of event!! The wedding day was perfect, spent with close family and friends in a tropical setting we can now call HOME! Thanks to Elizabeth Stryker, through these pictures we can share the beauty will all! MAHALO NUI LOA!!”

0001Hawaii Wedding

0002Hawaii Wedding

0003Hawaii Wedding

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