Why You Should Do a First Look at Your Wedding

First looks

If you follow this wedding blog,  (or BlueSky on facebook or me on instagram)  you know I love a First Look.

I love the real/raw/ PRIVATE moments between a couple seeing each other on their wedding day alone. I love watching the groom stand alone and shifting his weight from foot to foot eagerly waiting for his bride to find him.  I adore the way the nervous tension dissipates once they see one another.   That tears fall more freely than in front of hundreds of loving-onlookers. (and when the bride does later walk the aisle she can relax a bit and not stare at her feet whilst trying not to cry.:-)  I love the chance to slow down the crazy timeline if only for a short while.  …and I love that when it is time to walk the aisle…there are often more tears.

Many an article has been written on ‘what is a first look?’ and ‘should I do a first look’ (including one written by famed photographer Jasmine Star here.)    However, for those unfamiliar with a First Look (though, the wedding mags have given this a lot of editorial action in the past few years..) A ‘First Look’ is a private moment where couples see each other in a per-determined location BEFORE  the ceremony vs. meeting on the aisle.
And,  in addition to the above…a first look also often offers a chance for many of the ‘couples’ photographs to be taken prior to the ceremony and allowing more time to spend with family and friends..and maybe even attend the cocktail hour. (hello…bonus!)  Or, in the case of a fall/winter wedding…allow for photographs to be taken while there is still daylight. (and in the case of husband and I –a chance for photographs prior to a monsoon taking place for the next 3 hours:-)

So why don;t we take a look at Exhibit A in support of a First Look and let you be the judge?
After discussing both a traditional aisle option  (which–by the way do you know WHY this tradition even started? #googleit  #bestitsnotwhatyouthought  wink-wink.) and a ‘First look’ Lindsey and Greg opted for a first look  for their October wedding at a private estate on Lake Wiley  (**spoiler** you may want to grab your tissues)

bride getting ready for first lookbride nervous for first lookbride getting ready for first lookgroom waiting for bride first lookbride walking to meet groomgrrom waiting for bridebride walking to groom for first lookgroom crying diring first lookgrrom crying during first lookbride crying during first lookcharlotte candid wedding photographer

PS:  Remember how we talked about a first look NOT taking away from walking the aisle?   See below: Lindsey and Greg later on the aisle.

charlotte candid wedding photograher

Though I am a sucker for a First Look and had one myself at our wedding…I think Jasmin Star said it best when discussing the matter:  “I prefer a bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony, but–truthfully–it doesn’t matter to me either way. More than anything, I want my brides to be happy. I simply explain their options because I know they’ll make an educated decision. Often times brides think there are rules to weddings (Cannot see groom before hand, Must throw garter, Cannot be seen as a couple until the Grand Entrance), but I believe there should only be one rule: Do What Makes You Happy. “

Now you decide….


  1. Kristina says:

    wow these images are so deep, just wonderful

  2. Mary Anne says:

    The emotion that you have captured in these wedding photographs is wonderful. They all have a very intimate feel and are composed beautifully. I will tell everyone I know in Charlotte about your intimate wedding photography!

  3. Oh my goodness this is absolutely beautiful photography! I love the raw emotion and intimate connection between the couple. I had never heard of a first look at a wedding before.

  4. Love the pure emotion captured. So many tears!!

  5. Mary says:

    I love the layout of your website. Great images and presented in such a grand way.

  6. Melanie says:

    I love how you really captured the emotion and intimate moments of this beautiful wedding!

  7. C says:

    I love seeing these beautiful, intimate moments at weddings. You did a great job of capturing the really meaningful moments for this couple on their day!

  8. Wynona says:

    Oh my goodness! These are some PRECIOUS moments and pictures! So much emotions! Charlotte is lucky to have you! Wonderful intimate wedding pictures! :’)

  9. This Intimate outdoor wedding is just breathtaking! My favorite shot is the second one as well as the first look! so much emotion in just one picture! Nicely done!

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