'I'm Not A 'Bless Your Heart' Kinda' Girl' (Monday Musings: personal post by Cass Bradley)

I have always been a story teller.
By the way of elaborate ‘plays’ created to ‘entertain the neighborhood as a child
Through photographs as a profession
And now—via the ramblings of this blog.
Be forewarned.
I am not a ‘bless your heart’ kinda girl. (for those not privy to the colloquialisms of the South—BYH is a ‘nice’ way of way saying things like ‘that b—be cray, ef to the off and so on..)
I often say exactly what I think (many times without the recipient’s request which has been known to bite me in the proverbial arse on more than one occasion. However, it has also has served me extremely well in other areas.  Like, living with myself and being true to who I am at the core.)  So….I plan to write. To muse. To vent. To highlight. To babble..and whatever else may occur  here on Mondays. (or, more frequently when I feel  compelled…. less so when I do not remember.)
You will most likely find typos.  Though I was a journalism major and (for the most part) can actually spell…I CANNOT type.  (2 fingers/hunt-n-peck baby!)  You are welcomed to point them out to me. (and I may, or may not elect to correct them)
I am fluent in 2 languages–English and Sarcasm.  (those who elect to be easily offended may wish to switch the channel on ‘personal days’ 😉 Oh my gosh–did she say being offended is a choice? Why yes–I did. 😉
Why am writing?
Perhaps I simply like to hear myself talk without being interrupted…(likely)
Perhaps after last year being the ‘horrible, awful, no good year’ –I need an outlet to not go mad (er)   (more on that later…)
Who knows–
Or maybe Brene Brown had it right when she stated  ‘vulnerability is the only way to have real connection’ (ok…something like that…#toolazyforgoogle)
So, before I start the train-a-wrekin’ baring my soul…a bit about me to see if you want to come along for the ride:
I simply adore:
-baddasses of all varieties (its your life..grab it by the ____)
– Dogs–of most varieties. –Bonus points for smooshed faces and gigantism.   (#wantsagreatdanebulldogmutt #doesthatexist?)
– Annoyingly long hashtags #becasueithinkimhilariouslywitty
– All things genuine. (Leather, Costa Rican coffee and most especially–humans.)
I don’t understand:
-Dressing children in matching outfits…even if twins, past the age of 6 mo. (Friends who do this-don’t hate..I genuinely just.don’t ‘get it.’)
– Business named for alliterations purposes or to be ‘cute’ (If you name your business Krazy Krab or ‘Everlasting love, sunshine and rainbows Photography—I may in fact set it on fire. KIDDING! #notkidding)
– Grocery Store self-check-out aisles–For the love!  I have never (I mean, ever) been through a line without incident.  “please remove item from area”  “item was not scanned” “please see attendant”  every. single. time. No–they are not faster. No–they are NOT self-sustaining.  (this is especially problematic to me as you cannot purchase wine without being id’ed b BY A HUMAN… self-checkout my hiney!)
I believe:
-its always high time for an adventure so why unpack the suitcase (Much to my husband’s disdain.)
-The word ‘cute’ should only be used in conjunction with babies or puppies…and even then proves you to be uninspired
– a hot bath could solve the worlds problems
– people should bypass the ‘bless her heart’ and just be real with one another.
So if you’re up for it….stop by the blog on Mondays. I can’t promise it will be worth your time, that I will be profound or change the world…
What I can promise is….it will be real.
And because no blog should ever go without images…here are a few that might best explain what makes my life…well, mine.  #perfectlyimperfect #quitethebeautifulmess
pageant queen, karoke adn new years eve
From top to bottom  (and right to left)
— I am the oldest of 3 girls.  Classic Bossy, big sister (whether you are an actual sister or not)
— Can take it from ‘classy’ to ‘klassy with a k’ on occasion.  This image was a wine tasting at our house (clearly)   That resulted in industrial fans being pulled from the basement and turned our ‘cute’ little wine tasting into the “best karaoke party ever!”
— The next image is of my sisters and my badass 87-year-old grandmother.  I attribute a good portion of my badass to her.  –I hope to be a fraction this amazingly self-sufficient and hilarious at her age. (or, any for that matter)
— Um yes–I was a pageant queen.  (let the mocking begin!  Go ahead…I would so be judging you:-)  But I can promise you this–it taught me to be thick-skinned, quick on my feet (some days) and get this:  I was also Miss Congeniality.
domican republic wedding
— The top 2 images are from our wedding.  The first is from our ‘real’ wedding. (as in-the legal/Dominican Republic courthouse wedding that actually made us husband and wife.   The second–our cliff-side ceremony where both of my parents walked me down the aisle and we celebrated with family and a few good friends.
— The image of my sweet pup and hubby.  It is one of the first images taken by me when I started getting back into photography and began my farewell tour of the corporate (medical device/OR sales) world.
— The final image is of me and mom and sisters.  (Note:  we are NOT dressed in matching clothing:-) Its just us now.  And crazy as ever…
Last year we lost both my boy Sam and my dad. Both abruptly to cancer within months of one another. (the ‘irony’  is not lost on me)  When I think of my boy  Sam I see him proud and loyally by my side. (in this case–my husbands) and I see my dad like the image above.  Tanned, happy and proud of his daughter.  Last year rubbed my face in perspective in so many ways–one of which is my role as a photographer.  I protect memories–what is your superpower:-)


  1. Allison says:

    Beautiful start. I’m looking forward to more!

  2. Lana says:

    I love that your are sharing “You” with everyone. The pictures are great and certainly bring back a lot of good memories.

  3. feuza says:

    Where is the LOVE button! I am right there with you! loved this first post
    ps whats up with the trend of building your own house, having a big fluffy dog and shooting film to be cool and fine art ?

  4. Haylie Jeter says:

    Pure awesome-ness as always. 🙂

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