Villa Woodbine Styled Wedding Shoot (Charlotte Fashion Wedding Photographer Workshop Images)

Oh, Miami.  Home of bronzed skin, mile-high palms and so much cultural diversity one can’t help but feel as though you are visiting another country.  –She was also the site of a styled shoot I was able to be a part of in conjunction with a group of 11 other photographers seeking to increase their photographic skillset and knowledge surrounding the editorial/destination wedding markets.  (More on that later…but for now…let’s get to the pretty:-)
The scene for our shoot was a gorgeous Tuscan-inspired venue called Villa Woodbine.  Villa Woodbine is a private mansion located in Coconut Grove (just outside of Miami)  Our models, Belen Carro (who graces the cover of this months Fitness magazine) and Juan Eseverri (whose abs rival any Abercrombe bag…oh, wait..I think he was on the Abercrombe bag:-)  We were blessed to have famed  designer Ines Di Santo ship a gown out for our shoot and I can’t say enough in regards to how incredibly beautiful this frock was.   And lest us not forget the sleek, vintage Rolls Royce by Florian Classics.
For me–I am always trying to take my work up a notch through both education and personal shooting  and in this case–was really hoping to push myself to 1.) take beautiful images while being surrounded by 11 other photographers vying for shots.  (Not my strength as connection to the client is vital to me when getting great shots.) 2.)  Get some authenticity/emotion from the models.  (I find models in a bridal setting can be a little challenging to evoke any type of emotion as the ‘happy couple’ often meet 5 minutes prior to being ‘newlyweds’.  And with 11 of us calling out directions…God bless them:-)  3.)  Refine my editorial approach to make myself a bit more marketable to publications.  (I have a tendency to shoot horizontally and tight.  Two items that make publication a bit more challenging:-)
So how did I do?
**  Oh–and in perfectly ‘ironic’  news:  2 days after our shoot…our lovely model Belen became engaged to her boyfriend!  (we’d like to think it was the images he saw in that bad-a@@edly beautiful Ines Di Santos gown:-)
For those interested: here is the rundown of the awesome team that pulled the shoot together:
Wedding Gown: Ines Di Santo (
Wedding alteration/Shoes: Chic Parisien (
Wedding accessories/jewelry: Maia Elena Head Pieces (
Transportation (Rolls Royce Phantom): Florian’s Classics (
Make Up Artist: Cynthia Martens (
Bouquet: Alore Event Firm (
Kenny Kim/Ray Santos/Shoot coordinators/Photographers


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