Charlotte, NC Engagement Photographers (Erin and Philip: Engaged! )

Erin and Philip sat on opposite ends of a long table of mutual friends.  She wondered if he were married.  He tried to get her attention a handful of times and thought to himself…’I wonder if she was ‘with’ anyone.’
Though a long stretch of table and chatter of a group separated them from really getting to know one another; their connection was undeniable and Philip quickly called Erin’s friend post-dinner and got both her ‘story’ (she was in fact single)  and her email address.  Shortly thereafter a first date occurred…
…2 years later in the midst of renovation on their new home Philip made her both dinner..and his fiance.
Since Erin and Philip love all things outdoors–we chose a park that has a large field to begin their engagement session. (who knew the field would be mowed to the ground the exception of a small, difficult to maneuver patch neat a parking lot:-) .. I digress..)  We then headed to Cordelia Park just outside of Uptown to try and catch sunset.   (though slightly ‘seedy’ …it offers up a really great little view of our pretty little city)
Thank you for being up for adventure Erin and Philip. We are so looking forward to your intimate/outdoor wedding being held at your home in July!


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