Happy Anniversary to Emily and Scott’s (Queen’s University Charlotte, NC ‘Fairytale’ Wedding

I am not a fan of superfluous flowery words and do not utilize the term ‘fairytale’ lightly. (as a matter of fact–there is a first time for everything. 🙂  However, the love and loyalty involved in Scott and Emily’s story beginning in High School –through ‘for better or worse’ BEFORE their marriage even began–is in fact the ‘stuff’ fairytales (or, perhaps, beautiful novels is more appropriate.) are made of.
Emily and Scott met in High School. In 2010 Scott proposed to the ever-smiling Emily. However, just a few months shy of their wedding day Scott was involved in a tragic accident that left him in a comma. Emily being the steadfast, remarkable woman she is, stayed by his side. The doctors told them that he may not wake up and if he did he may not walk again… or be ‘Scott’ again.  –Emily knew better. 3 months after Scott nearly lost his life, He woke up. Doctors were astounded and family and friends were ecstatic. Scott underwent rigorous physical therapy and Emily and family helped him regain his strength every step of the way.
Nearly 2.5 years after his accident, not only did Scott walk in to the Chapel on his wedding day but he DANCED at his reception. Scott stood at the alter and watch the woman that supported and loved him fully walk down the aisle.  Together, they walked out of Belk Chapel as husband and wife.
Happy Anniversary Emily & Scott and it remains our honor to haev been a part of your story.

Watch the video of this amazing story created by Brian Bun Films Here.

Venue: Belk Chapel at Queens University/ The Palmer Building
Catering: Family Catering
Floral Design: Party Blooms
Videography: Brian Bunn Films


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