B. Inspired! Unique Wedding Cake Ideas and Alternatives

Stuck on what type of wedding cake to order? Looking for something that will really “wow” your guests and is not just another tiered, white stack that looks like every other bride’s cake out there? Consider these unique wedding cakes and (cake alternatives)  with a spin for a little something uniquely ‘you.’
Amp Up a Classic!
Love coconut custard pie or grasshopper cake? Ask your baker to create one that’s wedding-appropriate. If you prefer crispy baked goods to cake, you can have a tiered dessert made with crepes and layered with fillings like vanilla cream, gooey chocolate and raspberry. (Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding)

The Gilded Cake

 Metallic details make a basic wedding cake a shimmering, shining piece of art. Ask your baker to press edible gold leaf onto fondant to create a seriously rich-looking dessert. (Left: Photo Courtesy CakeDecor.com. Right: Photo Courtesy Style Me Pretty).




It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts

 Why does the outside of your wedding cake get to have all the fun?! The inside can be equally attractive, too. Choose a bright, bold color or even different colors for each layer. (Photo courtesy of WeddingBee.com)

For a rustic wedding, skip the frosting on the outside of the cake altogether and let the layers show instead!
Its the Tops!
Traditional ‘bride and groom’ cake toppers may not be as prevalent as they once were (hello–1982!) –but couples looking for an unique way to make a cake their own can have a custom cake topper created!  Love birds/dogs?  Or perhaps a replica of the two of you. (Etsy.com is an amazing source for all things custom/wedding)

Top: Cake/cupcake tower by City Bakery  Custom Cake topper unknown but similar style available on Loverly. )   Left: Topper can be found here Right: Cake by The Wow Factor (topper unknown but a similar style can be found on etsy.)
Less Is More? No, More Is More!
If one lovely wedding cake is good, than more than one should be great, right? Replace your singular enormous cake with three smaller ones in different sizes. This doesn’t just look adorable on the cake table, but it also means you get to choose three flavors instead of just one! (Cake by Cheesecake Etc. Photo Courtesy BlueSky Studios )

Bite-Sized Goodies
Thinking of trying something a bit different?  Cupcakes have come a long way baby!  In flavors as varied as your imagination!  How about Display them on gorgeous tiered trays, either on the cake table or as the centerpieces for the reception tables. (Left: Photo Credit: BlueSky Studios Cupcakes by Gigi’s Cupcakes Right: Polka Dot Bake Shop ).

(Note:  If you don’t love the look of cupcakes, you can have a miniature cake made up for each guest. Just make sure that your caterers have plenty of to-go boxes! The sweet treats may be too big for a single sitting:-)
Cheese, Please!
If you and your soon-to-be-hubby don’t have much of a sweet tooth, create a cheese cake (not a cheesecake!) instead. Stack different sized cheese wheels on top of each other so that they narrow as they go up.

(Photo Credit:  Santa Barbara Chic)

One of our favorites to date is a dessert bar along with a ‘traditional wedding cake’ is providing your baker/caterer  your ‘secret family recipes’ to create a dessert bar!  So incredibly  ‘sweet’ and personal!  (Image Credit: BlueSky/Cake by: Cheesecake Etc./dessert bar:  this very ambitious bride had her relatives do it!!)

Its tough to go wrong with most any deliciously decadent treats to serve your guests!  tThe most important thing is that is something you love. (and even better if its something unique to the two of you! )

Editor’s Note:  …and now..I am officially starving!



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