IMG_2227INTRaw – That is how I have felt for quite some time now and I’d like to incorporate that into my photography more. I suddenly have a much greater appreciation for a more photo-journalistic approach. All this time I’ve focused on manipulating light and creating images (not that I didn’t also “capture moments” – after all I am a wedding photographer and 80% of my wedding photos are such). BUT – it’s not been what has motivated me, moved me. I want to work on more natural photos, capturing emotions and moments. So, I’ve decided to start a project. I’m going to start documenting events in my own life. I know, I know, MOST photographers already do this, and it sounds stupid that I haven’t, but… taking photos in my personal life always felt like I was working. 

It was tough to run a business, photograph weddings and sessions, handle marketing, tons of e-mails, client meetings, accounting and then of course editing – and have a life… psh. I know there’s some super photographers out there that do it, I just couldn’t. I’m not a super hero. I’m an artist – and I get burnt out. I HATED running a business. After being in business over 8 years I was STILL struggling to make a profit.  Then I met Julie. Julie is not only an amazing person but a business buff. What started out a bartering deal (I show her a few lighting tricks and she teaches me how to be more profitable in my business) – turned into um… yeh why don’t we just work together? You love photography business, I love photography – WIN, WIN. So after weeks of working out the logistics, I signed w/ Old South Studios. From January 1st, 2013 all of my new work has been booked through them. I’ve still had quite a few weddings and other photography jobs to finish under Elly’s Photography in the meantime, but it is slowly coming to an end. I have ONE more wedding under Elly’s Photography and I couldn’t have asked for a better one (you will have to wait and see – it’s going to be gorgeous). It is a bitter sweet end. On one hand I worked very hard, working for poverty level pay to build this business and a name for myself. I sacrificed A LOT, especially in the beginning. But… what is a name? Pride. To give up my business was a humbling experience and not an easy decision to make but signing over all that responsibility was so liberating. I now get to do what I love and forgo the “atrocities” of owning my own business. I am falling in love with photography again, more and more everyday. 

I do want to thank all of those who have supported my art and business for so many years. I’ve had some of the best clients. Seriously. Some of you have referred me to all of your friends, have contacted me every time a major life event came up to take your photos and have “liked” and commented on my work YEARS after working with you. YOU are what makes me want to keep doing what I’m doing. So again, thank you. I hope that you will continue to support me even though I am working under a different name now. Referrals are the only way photographers make it, so to everyone who has referred me, thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Besides my ONE wedding left, every thing on my blog from now on will be either personal or commercial work.

If you’d like to follow my new wedding and portrait work you can find it here:
Old South Studios Website
Old South Studios Facebook