The Rain: A Mexico Couples Session (Charlotte, NC Destination & Elopement wedding Photographer)

When we awoke to the sound of rain and looming storm clouds vs. the harmony of birdsong and milky sunlight…I admit, we were more than a tiny bit disappointed.
Jodie and Dawn had not only ‘packed their photographers’ but had also planned to have many of their joyous Mexico wedding weekend events fully documented–including a gorgeous couples sessions filled with sandy beaches and toes dipped in cool cenotes.
When we met, taking shelter under the resort awning we knew ‘once in a lifetime’ was what were faced with and ventured out despite the ‘imperfect’ weather.  With gear wrapped in beach towels and shoes removed to more easily puddle-hop; we set out in search of the beauty that is Mexico, rainy or not.
After hiking a gravely trail, pushing back lush greenery and searching for ‘the perfect spot’ do you know what we found?  The interesting thing about a couple madly in love is any backdrop serves as gorgeous–even when being rained on.


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