Mundane Monday…? (Charlotte, NC Lifestyle Child and Family Photographer)

Can I be honest?
…I am tired.  I am bit crabby.  …It has been a ‘dreary’ Monday with major computer issues slowing down my already-behind-workflow after coming off of  a pretty craptastic weekend. With a week prior of indoors, unhealthy food and the loss of a dear friends father leading to cancelled vacation plans.  And though I certainly can not complain (too much anyway:-) … after a few weeks of  ‘eck’ today.was.just.plain.old.BLAH.
And then..
As I scrolled down the long (and I mean LONG) list of sessions I am incredibly behind on blogging; my eyes were drawn to a serious pop of pink..  and then rested on an image of amazing smiling faces coupled with  bruised knees,  flowers and super hero capes reminding me of my annual lifestyle session with the lovely Kalgren family. (every year momma Kari comes up with some pretty adorable outfits we then introduce into our sessions and let the kids just be..well…themselves. )
A bit hard to remain a crab-ass when looking into the faces of fave pint-sized superheros.
Hope your Monday was super:-)



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