Engaged! Katie & Doug (Uptown Charlotte, NC engagement session)

These two lovebirds have a lot on their plate.  Aside from their wedding day TOMORROW they are packing their bags and leaving the QC for my old ‘stomping grounds’ of Columbus, OH for Katie to attend THE Ohio State University for her graduate program!!
Since they love CLT and are going to miss so much about it (though they will gain Graeter’s ice cream, snow falls and THE BUCKEYES>>which one of these two may be a bit more excited about than the other.  I digress..) …we spent our time traveling to a few meaningful places Uptown so they could take some of their fave memories along with them.  Including; the spot where they became engaged (Luce!) The park on the Green, iconic Trade/Tryon for a stroll and they even busted out some of their ballroom dancing skills near a fave fountain.
We can’t wait to see you tomorrow Katie and Doug!



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