In Separate and Unrelated News…Spay Neuter Charlotte Billboard

Though we tend to tilt the lens around here to be quite ‘people focused’ –you know we love our four-legged-furry-friends and have been known to donate out time and creative talents to causes near-and-dear to us.
Spay/Neuter Charlotte is one of those organizations.  Their mission to to provide high-quality/low-cost care for pets in the way of both spay/neutering as well as basic veterinary care. (vaccinations etc.)   **This the place we brought our ‘stray’ #4, 999, Trey, The “vicious” Pitbull last year for care when we found him wandering the highways of N. Wilkesboro..
A few months back we teamed up with the amazing team over there to create an image for their billboard campaign which included attempting to photograph several puppies, kittens, cats and dogs….amongst the hissing/claws/whines and puddles… Today we received some kind words of thanks and a little snapshot of the new billboard.  (Hilarious… I might add…see hissing kitten on shoulder;-)
….honored to have been able to work with such a great organization! (and looking forward to helping with the fall fundraiser..)



  1. Lana says:

    Great job on the billboard!

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