How to Choose A Wedding Photographer in Charlotte, NC

BlueSky was proud to be asked to write an article for Charlotte Wedding Magazine’s Bridal Bulletin which appeared in today’s edition on the top tips to selecting the best Charlotte photographer for your wedding day.

5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Photographer for your Wedding Day
Choosing the perfect professional photographer to capture your big day is a lot like finding the perfect mate…you just know. And much like a mate—it’s not all about ‘looks.’ 😉 Sure, you must the photographer’s images but just as importantly. you should love them. Your photographer/s will spend more time with you on your wedding day than your spouse-to-be and long after the fancy cake is eaten and the last danced, danced…your images remain for a lifetime.   So how do you make certain it is a match made in photographic heaven??

  • Do Your Homework: before scheduling an appointment with a potential photographer check out their website/facebook page/blog and narrow it down to 2-3 that seem to fit your photographic ‘style’ AND your personality. ( Tips: Asking friends/venue can be an awesome starting point. Just remember, styles of photography do vary, as do photographers personalities. Take names and then determine what YOU love. )


  • Determine What Style of Photography You Are Drawn To. Do you love candid images and emotion of the day best or are you drawn to more stylized/posed imagery? Do you love black & white? Bright colors? A vintage processing? For example, our studio keeps the textures/saturated colors and selective coloring out of our work, as we want the images to stay timeless. Some photographers (and couples!) love the trendy styles. There is no ‘best way’…just find the style you love and choose a photographer that loves it too.   (Tip: sometimes its easier to recognize what you do not love and start thereJ )


  • Determine Exactly How Important Photography Is To You: Our clients typically meet with us directly after choosing their venue. To them, photography is high on the list of important items and they want to be certain they have their date locked down. For some—it is more of a necessary evil and they are more concerned with the items like dress, food and flowers. Again, there is not ‘right’ answer. But knowing where photography falls on your ‘importance scale’ will also guide you in terms of budget much better than a check list somewhere telling what % of the budget it should be.


  • Meet with the ‘Chosen Few’– in our opinion, it is a must to meet in person. (Skype is great of you are out-of-state/country) and at the very least speak with the photographer you are considering on the phone.   Photography is a VERY personal decision and loving the work is not enough. You must have a connection with your photographer in order to capture amazing images. Plus, a good photographer will not only ‘take pictures’ for you but they can calm nerves, correct a backwards timeline and adjust an erratic bustle…if you like having them around you will achieve the best outcome. (Tip: while meeting, asking to see not only view sample albums but a full wedding can be useful as anyone can post a few great images or perhaps even an album…but an entire set of wedding images is another story!)


  • Quantify the credentials- in the digital era new photographers enter the market every day. And, just as quickly- exit. (and in some cases…without delivering the goods!)   Ask about experience and Weddings are tough, tough business. Photographers are often up against poor quality of light, major time constraints and high emotions…pros know how to handle all of it. A novice may be less expensive but may not have what it takes to capture your day if ill equipped in equipment or experience. (Tip: a few helpful questions may include: do they have lens that are 2.8 or below that will allow them to shoot in low light? Do they have back-up gear if their main camera fails? How do they back-up/save your images? )

Best rule of all—trust your ‘gut.’ If you love their work, their personality and have asked the ‘right’ questions in terms of experience you can then sit back and allow the professional photographer you have chosen to do what they do best—document this amazingly exciting time in your lives!


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